Japan, Nigeria, or Both?

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Can you name the nation associated with the following (Japan, Nigeria, or Both)?

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Native Language: Amami
Traditional Clothing: Jinbei
Named After a River
Portuguese were the First Europeans to Arrive
Deity: Shango
Combat Sport: Kokawa
Ethnic Group: Yoruba
Citizen Won the Nobel Peace Prize
Deity: Inari
A Member of the Allied Powers in WWI
Former Leader: Yakubu Gowon
Native Language: Kanuri
Native Music Genre: Fuji
Has a Female on its Banknote (Paper Currency)
Combat Sport: Iaido
Member of OPEC
Native Art: Ukiyoe
Historic Figure: Osamu Tezuka
Traditional Clothing: Babanriga
Catholicism is the Largest Christian Denomination
Native Language: Miyako
Ethnic Group: Ainu
First Olympic Gold Medalist was Male
A Member of the Allied Powers in WWII
Did Not Have a Distinct Bronze Age
Historic Figure: Prince Ogun
Had a Period of Isolationism
Combat Sport: Kendo
Has the Highest Rate of Twin Births in the World
Ethnic Group: Edo
Deity: Izanagi
Former Leader: Shehu Shagari
One of the First Societies to Make Ceramics
Abolished Slavery in the 20th Century
Has Boycotted the Olympics
Traditional Clothing: Ishiagu
The bakufu once ruled this nation.
Historic Figure: Zeami
A Visa is Required for Citizens of One Nation (Japan/Nigeria) to Visit the Other

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