NHL Coaches that were replaced mid season

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Can you name the NHL Coaches that were fired in the middle of a season?

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YearCoach NameTeam
2010-2011New Jersey Devils
2010-2011New York Islanders (17 Games)
2009-2010Philadelphia Flyers (26 Games)
2009-2010St Louis Blues (40 Games)
2009-2010Columbus Blue Jackets (58 Games)
2008-2009Pittsburgh Penguins (57 Games)
2008-2009New York Rangers (61 Games)
2008-2009Chicago Blackhawks (4 Games)
2008-2009Montreal Canadiens (66 Games)
2008-2009Ottawa Senators (48 Games)
2008-2009Carolina Hurricanes (25 Games)
2008-2009Tampa Bay Lightning (16 Games)
2007-2008Washington Capitals (21 Games)
2007-2008Atlanta Thrashers (6 Games)
2006-2007Philadelphia Flyers (8 Games)
2006-2007St Louis Blues (28 Games)
2006-2007Columbus Blue Jackets (20 games)
2006-2007Chicago Blackhawks (21 games)
2005-2006New Jersey Devils (32 Games)
2005-2006New York Islanders (42 Games)
2005-2006Pittsbrugh Penguins (31 Games)
2005-2006Montreal Canadiens (41 Games)
2005-2006Los Angeles Kings (70 Games)
2003-2004New York Rangers (54 Games)
2003-2004St Louis Blues (61 Games)
2003-2004Columbus Blue Jackets (33 Games)
2003-2004Phoenix Coyotes (62 Games)
2003-2004Carolina Hurrincaes (30 Games)
2003-2004Florida Panthers (15 Games)
2003-2004Florida Panthers (40 Games)
2003-2004Washington Capitals (25 Games)
2002-2003New York Rangers (54 Games)
2002-2003Columbus Blue Jackets (40 Games)
2002-2003Boston Bruins (73 Games)
2002-2003Montreal Canadiens (46 Games)
2002-2003Colorado Avalanche (31 Games)
2002-2003Calgary Flames (25 Games)
2002-2003Calgary Flames (11 Games)
2002-2003San Jose Sharks (24 Games)
2002-2003San Jose Sharks (1 Game)
2002-2003Atlanta Thrashers (33 Games)
2002-2003Atlanta Thrashers (9 Games)
2001-2002New Jersey Devils (51 Games)
2001-2002Pittsburgh Penguins (4 Games)
2001-2002Ottawa Senators (80 Games)
2001-2002Dallas Stars (50 Games)
2001-2002Florida Panthers (26 Games)
2000-2001Boston Bruins (8 Games)
2000-2001Montreal Canadiens (20 Games)
2000-2001Calgary Flames (68 Games)
2000-2001Anaheim Mighty Ducks (33 Games)
2000-2001Florida Panthers
1999-2000New Jersey Devils (74 Games)
1999-2000Pittsburgh Penguins (26 Games)
1999-2000Chicago Blackhawks (24 Games)
1998-1999New York Islanders (47 Games)
1998-1999Chicago Blackhawks (59 Games)
1998-1999Vancouver Canucks (45 Games)
1997-1998Philadelphia Flyers (61 Games)
1997-1998New York Islanders (63 Games)
1997-1998New York Rangers (57 Games)
1997-1998Florida Panthers (23 Games)
1997-1998Tampa Bay Lightning (11 Games)
1997-1998Tampa Bay Lightning (8 Games)
1997-1998Vancouver Canucks (19 Games)
1996-1997New York Islanders (45 Games)
1996-1997St Louis Blues (33 Games)
YearCoach NameTeam
1996-1997Pittsburgh Penguins (62 Games)
1995-1996Toronto Maple Leafs (65 Games)
1995-1996Dallas Stars (39 Games)
1995-1996Montreal Canadiens (5 Games)
1995-1996Ottawa Senators (19 Games)
1995-1996Ottawa Senators (25 Games)
1995-1996Vancouver Canucks (76 Games)
1995-1996San Jose Sharks (25 Games)
1994-1995Winnipeg Jets (33 Games)
1994-1995Edmonton Oilers (35 Games)
1993-1994Washington Capitals (47 Games)
1993-1994Hartford Whalers (17 Games)
1993-1994Edmonton Oilers (24 Games)
1992-1993St Louis Blues (11 Games)
1992-1993New York Rangers (40 Games)
1991-1992Buffalo Sabres (28 Games)
1991-1992Quebec Nordiques (18 Games)
1991-1992Philadelphia Flyers (24 Games)
1991-1992Calgary Flames (64 Games)
1990-1991Vancouver Canucks (54 Games)
1989-1990New Jersey Devils (14 Games)
1989-1990Washington Capitals (46 Games)
1989-1990Pittsburgh Penguins (26 Games)
1988-1989Quebec Nordiques (34 Games)
1988-1989Toronto Maple Leafs (33 Games)
1988-1989New York Rangers (78 Games)
1988-1989New York Islanders (27 Games)
1988-1989Winnipeg Jets (52 Games)
1987-1988Hartford Whalers (54 Games)
1987-1988New Jersey Devils (50 Games)
1987-1988Los Angeles Kings (27 Games)
1986-1987Boston Bruins (13 Games)
1986-1987Buffalo Sabres (12 Games)
1986-1987New York Rangers (23 Games)
1986-1987New York Rangers (14 Games)
1986-1987Los Angeles Kings (42 Games)
1985-1986Buffalo Sabres (43 Games)
1985-1986Winnipeg Jets (66 Games)
1984-1985Boston Bruins (56 Games)
1984-1985Chicago Blackhawks (57 Games)
1984-1985New York Rangers (45 Games)
1983-1984Montreal Canadiens (63 Games)
1983-1984Winnipeg Jets (21 Games)
1983-1984Los Angeles Kings
1983-1984Los Angeles Kings
1982-1983Hartford Whalers (49 Games)
1982-1983Hartford Whalers (13 Games)
1982-1983St Louis Blues (32 Games)
1981-1982Buffalo Sabres (45 Games)
1981-1982Chicago Blackhawks (52 Games)
1981-1982St Louis Blues (68 Games)
1981-1982Detroit Red Wings (69 Games)
1981-1982Philadelphia Flyers (72 Games)
1981-1982Washington Capitals
1981-1982Washington Capitals (1 Game)
1981-1982Vancouver Canucks (75 Games)
1981-1982Los Angeles Kings (42 Games)
1981-1982Colorado Rockies (24 Games)
1980-1981Quebec Nordiques (6 Games)
1980-1981Toronto Maple Leafs (40 Games)
1980-1981Hartford Whalers (60 Games)
1980-1981Detroit Red Wings (20 Games)
1980-1981New York Rangers (20 Games)
1980-1981Edmonton Oilers (18 Games)
1980-1981Winnipeg Jets (28 Games)
1979-1980Boston Bruins (73 Games)
1979-1980Toronto Maple Leafs (10 Games)
YearCoach NameTeam
1979-1980Toronton Maple Leafs (2 Games)
1979-1980Montreal Canadiens (30 Games)
1979-1980St Louis Blues (24 Games)
1979-1980Winnipeg Jets (77 Games)
1978-1979Buffalo Sabres (24 Games)
1978-1979Toronto Maple Leafs (62 Games)
1978-1979Washington Capitals
1978-1979Philadelphia Flyers (50 Games)
1978-1979Colorado Rockies (21 Games)
1977-1978St Louis Blues (54 Games)
1977-1978Minnesota North Stars (48 Games)
1976-1977Detroit Red Wings (44 Games)
1976-1977Chicago Blackahwks (35 Games)
1975-1976Detroit Red Wings (26 Games)
1975-1976Kansas City Scouts (32 Games)
1974-1975California Seals (48 Games)
1974-1975Washington Capitals (54 Games)
1974-1975Washington Capitals (19 Games)
1974-1975Atlanta Flames (52 Games)
1974-1975St Louis Blues (10 Games)
1973-1974Detroit Red Wings (11 Games)
1973-1974Vancouver Canucks (41 Games)
1973-1974St Louis Blues (55 Games)
1973-1974California Golden Seals (57 Games)
1972-1973Boston Bruins
1972-1973New York Islanders (50 Games)
1972-1973St Louis Blues (13 Games)
1972-1973Pittsburgh Penguins
1972-1973California Golden Seals
1971-1972Toronto Maple Leafs (78 Games)
1971-1972Detroit Red Wings (11 Games)
1971-1972Buffalo Sabres (42 Games)
1971-1972St Louis Blues (11 Games)
1971-1972St Louis Blues (23 Games)
1971-1972California Golden Seals
1971-1972Los Angeles Kings (10 Games)
1970-1971Montreal Canadiens
1970-1971Detroit Red Wings (38 Games)
1970-1971St Louis Blues (50 Games)
1969-1970Detroit Red Wings (2 Games)
1969-1970Minnesota North Stars (32 Games)
1969-1970Los Angeles Kings (24 Games)
1968-1969New York Rangers (24 Games)
1968-1969Minnesota North Stars (35 Games)
1967-1968Oakland Seals (64 Games)
1965-1966New York Rangers (20 Games)
1962-1963New York Rangers (35 Games)
1962-1963Boston Bruins (14 Games)
1959-1960New York Rangers (15 Games)
1957-1958Chicago Blackhawks
1954-1955Boston Bruins
1953-1954New York Rangers (40 Games)
1951-1952New York Rangers (23 Games)
1947-1948Chicago Blackhawks (28 Games)
1944-1945Chicago Blackhawks
1938-1939Montreal Canadiens (30 Games)
1938-1939Chicago Blackhawks
1932-1933Chicago Blackhawks
1931-1932Chicago Blackhawks
1930-1931Chicago Blackhawks
1930-1931Toronto Maple Leafs
1930-1931Montreal Maroons (12 games)
1930-1931Ottawa Senators
1929-1930Chicago Blackhawks
1927-1928Chicago Blackhawks
1926-1927Detroit Cougars

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