Once More with Feeling

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Can you name the songs of the Buffy the Vampire musical?

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Name the song titles
She ain't got that swing/ Thanks for noticing...
What's this cheery singing all about?
They got the.....
I lived my life in shadow/ Never the sun on my face
You're the cutest of the scoobies
That hydrant wasn't there
Whisper in a deadman's ear
Does anybody even notice?
Name the song titles
Creepy dancing puppets.
Plus some customers just start combusting/ That’s the penalty when life is but a song.
And I'm the reason you're standing still
You know I've been through hell
To save the day/Or maybe melt away
There was no pain, no fear, no doubt, 'till they pulled me out/ Of heaven
Say your happy now/ Once more with feeling

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