Star Trek, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings II

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Can you name the Star Trek, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings II?

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This is the Sequel to:
ClueST,SW, LOTRExplanation
Places: Gondor
Equipment: Skyhopper
Beings: Bynars
Places: Amon Hen
Equipment: Mithril
Equipment: Runabout
Places: Yavin
Equipment: Anduril
Beings: Rancor
Equipment: Nenya
Equipment: AT-AT
Beings: Druedain
Places: Kessel
Places: Ord Mantell
ClueST,SW, LOTRExplanation
Equipment: Genesis
Beings: Droids
Places: Risa
Beings: Beorning
Places: Fornost
Places: Caves of Mak'ala
Equipment: Disruptor
Places: Romulus
Beings: Haradrim
Beings: Gamorrean
Beings: Talaxian
Places: Corellia
Beings: Bajoran
Equipment: Gaderffii
Equipment: Palantir

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