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Can you name the Source of these Beings, Places and Equipment?

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ClueST,SW, LOTRExplanation
Places: Kronos
Beings: Wampa
Places: Orodruin
Beings: Uruk Hai
Places: Bespin
Beings: Gorn
Equipment: Bat'leth
Beings: Jem'Hadar
Equipment: Blaster
Beings: Periannath
Equipment: Tricorder
Places: Andor
Beings: The Prophets
Places: San Francisco
Equipment: Vibro Axe
ClueST,SW, LOTRExplanation
Equipment: Narya
Equipment: Phaser
Equipment: Glamdring
Equipment: Narsil
Beings: Jawa
Beings: Mûmakil
Places: Bajor
Beings: Ugnaught
Places Gorgorath
Places: Arnor
Places: Alderaan
Places: Kashyyyk
Beigns: Sarlacc
Equipment: Light Saber
Equipment: Sting

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