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Can you name the correct answers to these statements related to geography?

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There is a country...T or FNotes
...that borders no countries that have land at or below sea level.
...that contains only land below sea level.
...that has over 10,000 meters in elevation difference between its highest and lowest points.
...that has a flag with less than four sides.
...that has a flag with a different front and back.
...that has the country's name written on its flag.
...that has a flag with a crescent but no star(s).
...that has four capital cities.
...that is in the UN Security Council but doesn't have a red, white, and blue flag.
...that since 1900 had a life expectancy lower than 10.
...that has only horizontal or vertical straight lines as borders.
...that has a name with a Scrabble value of four.
...that has two z's in its name.
...that has more turkeys than humans.
...that has a population density of less than one person per square km. Europe that uses capital punishment.
...that has a capital city with name beginning with 'e'.
...that owns a territory that is larger (by area) than the mainland.
...that touches the Equator and a tropics line.
...that is in the Arab League and has a predominantly white flag.

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