World Literature Honors Period 6

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Just the ______ touch.
Hades had a helm of _________.
There's a picture of ______ on a Led Zeppelin album
His name meant a bird that liked sitting in a pear tree
Simetra is the daughter of Zeus and Leto
Uranus married
Mnemosyne gave birth to the 9
Very picky with the material of the thread
Measured the thread count
Likes to run with scisorrs
Dancers need to have poise and _____
the 4th letter in the alphabet + 3 feet
What planet did Earth marry?
Minotaur's moma*
A dragon whose enemy was Leto
A mailman that can fly
Herme's mother (sounds like this name that's scrambled aaim)
He was soooo lame
The golden child
Daedalus and his son flew like eagles to the _______.
Zeus and Europa had a son who became king named

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