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God of Sky
Goddesses of Music
Half human, Half Dragon
Lord of Light and Titan of The East
Percy's Brother
Goddess of Agriculture
Daughter of Ares
Grover's GF
Percy's later Stepfather
Lot of Heads
Son of Hades
The Old Man of The Sea
Titan of Forethought and Crafty Counsel
Son of Apollo and a Healer
Body of a Lion, Face of a Human
God of Wine
Water Maidens
Female Spirtits of The NAture World
The God of Dreams
Son of Hephaestus
Mother of Monsters
3 Headed Dog
Goddess of Flowers
Twin Sons of Dionysus
Goddess of Hunt and The Moon
Flesh Eating Birds
Annabeth's Mom
Kind of Animal of Percy's Best Friend
Son of Apollo
Percy's Hellhound
Son of Apollo
God of The Underworld
Daughter od Demeter
Percy's Dad
Percy's Friend from Hoover Dam
Goddess of Wisdom, Skill, and War
Almost Killed Percy in TLT
Dogs from Hell
Daughter of Hades
God of The Wild
Percy's Best Friend
Security at CHB
God of Travelers, Merchants, and Thieves
Half Man, Half Bull
Annabeth's Dad
God of the Sea
Percy First Stepfather
Gaurdian Dragon at CHB
The God of Doorways, Beginnings, Endings, and Choices
Goddess of Marriage
Holder of the Sky
Luke's Mom
The Big Three's Dad
Percy's Pegasus
Father of Monsters
God of Sun, Prophecy, Music, and Healing
6-ft. Tall Sea Demons
Goddess of Love and Beauty
God of War
Percy's Mom
Goddess of the Hearth
God of Fire, Cafts, and Backsmiths
Son of Hermes
Spirits of the Trees
Yankee Hat
Doughter of Aphrodite

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