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His eye colorIf you dont know this 1, then your not a JB fan
Where he posted his videosU go there all the time
1 of his Favorite colorsBlue or Purple
His Favorite #It's less then 10
Ex-Girlfriend's nameHer last name is Beadles
Hand he uses 2 write withLeft or Right?
Where was he bornIn the North America but not in the US
The age he started singingPlaced in 2nd in a competition
His first album-
His favorite candyHe likes his candy
How old is heThis is too EZ!
His second album-
TV Show he guest stared in 2009It's called 'True Conert'
The month he was born inThe 1st of the this month NOT THE 14th
Favorite Foods I love these foods too
His FULL NameHis initials are JDB
Best Friend's NameHe was in JB's music video 4 One Time
His first hit singleIt should only take one time to get this answer

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