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Can you name the most important characters in a Games of Thrones book one?

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Description of characterCharacter
Very nice but just a bit too honorable...
Smart woman, but not the best when dwarves are involved.
Much better on a horse with a battle-hammer than on a throne with a crown.
Evil and mean and not the best wife.
Strong with a sword weak with his mind... especally with Bran
Smart, strong and ready to take his fathers place if... uh oh.
Very fancy and always remembers her courtesies, even in bad times.
Always wants to be a knight althoughit might not be what others want for HER.
Good friend and great climber until... (JAIME!!)
Cute and Friendly, he's only problem is he does't talk until the book is almost over.
Description of characterCharacter
Brave and strong and always will defend the fat boy.
Always has his way with words but never with Tully girls.
Can always tell you what you need to know, has the best sources in the whole world.
The imp.
The blood of the dragon, and wife of a khal.
Son of a king and wants a crown but doesn't get exactly the one he's looking for.
Khal for life, dragon for death.
Hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor, hodor hodor. HODOR!

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