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first woman to win the nobel prize for literature1892-1973
expert author, lecturer and educator despite many disabilities1880-1968
designer of the vietnam memorial in washington, dc.1960-
queen of egypt and the last pharoah69-30BC
the founder and first president of the american red cross1821-1912
founder of the modern nursing profession1820-1910
first woman to fly across the atlantic ocean1897-1937
greek poet; created the 'sapphic stanza'circa 625bc
host of a highly successful talk show; spokesperson for womens health1954-
founder of birth control & planned parenthood1879-1966
powerful women's movement organizer1820-1906
american goal medal athlete; dominated the heptathlon1962-
first woman awarded a medical degree; founded women's medical college1821-1910
owned first female seat on the NYSE1938-
first lady that fought for human rights; unemployed, minorities, women1884-1962
national hero in france; led resistance to english invasion in hundred years war1412-1431
set in motion the montgomery bus boycott1913-
founded a lasting american-based religion; christian scientist1821-1910
first hispanic woman astronaut, mission specialist with the discovery crew1958-
first woman appointed to the u.s. supreme court1930-
one of the greatest jazz singers of all time; 12 grammy wins1918-1996
anti-lynching crusader, activist for racial justice1862-1931
physicist; first woman to win a nobel prize1876-1934
interpreter for lewis and clark during their exloration northwest1787-1912
nun who devoted her life to aiding the sick and poor worldwide1910-1997
first american woman in space1951-
first woman in european history to be elected prime minister1935-
first woman to be nominated and campaign for u.s. presidency1838-1927
first african american to receive doctorate from MIT1946-
founded hull-house; work was foundational to study of social work1860-1935
queen of england1558-1603
author; produced first literature for juvenile girls market.1832-1888
abolitionist - the 'conductor' of the underground railroad1820-1913
prime minister/leader of india1917-1984

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