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Star of Walker, Texas Ranger
Eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II
Captain of Disney's Mighty Ducks
Author of Fight Club, Choke and Invisible Monsters
American singer and guitarist ('Roll Over Beethoven' & 'Maybellene')
Lead character in the Peanuts gang
Tommy Pickles' red-headed best friend
Older brother of Harry Potter's BFF.
Former NBA star of the 76ers, Suns and Rockets
American rock-and-roll singer ('Peggy Sue', 'That'll Be the Day')
Converse created a popular brand of shoes for this former basketball star
The main antagonist in Child's Play
Former co-anchor of ABC News's Good Morning America
Author of works such as A Christmas Carol and Great Expectations
Mouse mascot of a popular children's pizza restaurant/arcade
Lead congress into supporting Operation Cyclone, supplying Afgan Mujahideen during the Soviet War.
English mechanical engineer who originated the concept of the computer
Went on an adventure in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory
Gossip Girl character portrayed by Ed Westwick
Author of The Graduate
His reign marked a high point in the Hundred Years' War
Originator of the theory of evolution
The Great Dictator
Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men
Played Moses, Colonel Taylor and Ben-Hur
First Holy Roman Emperor
First person to fly solo non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean
German-American poet, novelist and short story writer ('Barfly')
Creator if the Peanuts comic strip

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