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Can you name the sports described with just 8 words?

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Hit ball with stick. Make ball go far.
Hike ball. Throw ball. Run to end zone.
No hands. Kick ball in goal. Vuvuzelas. GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLL!!!!!!!!!!!
Get puck in small goal. Be Canadian, eh?
Carry ball in net on stick. Run around.
Get ball in hoop. I guess that's it.
Hit ball to other side. Endorse fancy watches.
Punch guy. Knock him out. Bite his ear.
Drive. Left turn. Drive. Drive. Pit stop. Drive.
Get ball in hole. Cheat on your wife.
Hear beep. Dive. Go 50 meters. Turn. Repeat.
Throw ball. Hit somebody. But don't get hit.
Knock guy out. Submit him. Punch, kick, anything.
Small paddle. Small ball. Small 'court'. Play responsibly.
Serve. Hit. Hit. Hit. Hit. Hit. Hit. Spike.

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