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Can you name the words that are missing from the quotations from A Midsummer Night's Dream?

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Lysander, I.i.134-136
Ay me! For ________ that 
I could ever ________, 
Could ever ________ by 
Tale or ________, 
The ________ of true love 
never did run ________. 
Helena, I.i.237-240
Things base and ________, holding no quantity 
Love can ________ to form and dignity 
Love ________ not with the eyes, but with the mind, 
And therefore is winged ________ painted blind. 
Bottom, I.ii.76-80
I grant you, friends, if you should ________ 
the ________ out of their wits, 
they would have no more discretion but to ________ us 
But I will ________ my voice so that I will 
________ you as gently 
as any sucking ________; 
I will ________ you an 'twere any nightingale. 
Titania, II.i.124-125
Set your ________ at rest: 
The Fairyland buys not the ________ of me. 
His ________ was a 'votress of my order, 
And in the spic├Ęd Indian air by ________  
Full often hath she ________ by my side... 
Helena, II.ii.96-99
Happy is ________, 
wheresoe'er she lies, for she hath ________ 
and ________ eyes. 
How came her eyes so ________? 
Not with salt tears. If so, my eyes are oftener ________ than hers. 
Titania, III.i.142-146
Out of this ________ do not desire to go; 
Thou shalt ________ here whether thou will or know. 
I am a ________ of no common rate; 
The ________ still doth tend upon my state, 
And I do love thee; therefore, ________ with me. 
Puck, III.ii.110-115
________ of our fairy band, 
________ is here at hand, 
And the youth, ________ by me 
Pleading for a lover's ________. 
Shall we their fond ________ see? 
Lord, what fools these ________ be! 
Theseus, V.i.13-18
The ________ eye, in a fine frenzy rolling, 
Doth ________ from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven; 
And as ________ bodies forth 
The forms of things ________, the poet's pen 
Turns them to ________, 
And gives to ________ nothing 
A local ________ and a name. 
Puck, V.i.440-456
If we ________ have 
________, think but this, 
and ________ is mended: 
That you have but ________ here 
While these ________ did appear. 
And this ________ and idle theme, 
No more ________ but a dream, 
________, do not reprehend. 
If you ________, we will mend. 
And, as I am an ________ Puck, 
If we have ________ luck 
Now to 'scape the ________ tongue, 
We shall ________ amends ere long. 
Else the ________ a liar call. 
So, good ________ unto you all. 
Give me your ________, if we be friends, 
And Robin shall ________ amends. 

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