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CaseFormNom Singural Form
nom sing fpuella
gen sing fpuella
dat sing fpuella
acc sing fpuella
abl sing fpuella
nom plu fpuella
gen plu fpuella
dat plu fpuella
acc plu fpuella
abl plu fpuella
nom sing mpuer
gen sing mpuer
dat sing mpuer
acc sing mpuer
abl sing mpuer
nom plu mpuer
gen plu mpuer
dat plu mpuer
acc plu mpuer
abl plu mpuer
nom sing fpax
gen sing fpax
dat sing fpax
acc sing fpax
CaseFormNom Singural Form
abl sing fpax
nom plu fpax
gen plu fpax
dat plu fpax
acc plu fpax
abl plu fpax
nom sing mmanus
gen sing mmanus
dat sing mmanus
acc sing mmanus
abl sing mmanus
nom plu mmanus
gen plu mmanus
dat plu mmanus
acc plu mmanus
abl plu mmanus
nom sing fres
gen sing fres
dat sing fres
acc sing fres
abl sing fres
nom plu fres
gen plu fres
dat plu fres
CaseFormNom Singural Form
acc plu fres
abl plu fres
nom sing nsaxum
gen sing nsaxum
dat sing nsaxum
acc sing nsaxum
abl sing nsaxum
nom plu nsaxum
gen plu nsaxum
dat plu nsaxum
acc plu nsaxum
abl plu nsaxum
nom sing ncaput
gen sing ncaput
dat sing ncaput
acc sing ncaput
abl sing ncaput
nom plu ncaput
gen plu ncaput
dat plu ncaput
acc plu ncaput
abl plu ncaput

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