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Plot SummaryMusical
A seated guy shares some of his favorite show tunes.
A young woman tries to find a man in the corporate world.
A man and woman fight at an Italian restaurant as another man falls for a girl in a yellow dress.
At an annual dance in Dublin, a man discovers secrets about his wife.
Young New Yorkers try to find their purpose.
A young musician travels the world as he attempts to find himself.
Famous musicians gather to produce an epic recording.
A radio station plays African-American artists, paving the way for rock 'n' roll.
A British nanny and a chimney sweep look after three children.
An African-American maid seeks to help a young boy amidst the assassination of JFK.
The worst musical ever written becomes a smash hit.
The lives of a bodega owner and his neighbors over three days.
A bartender works on his music while living the life on Sunset Strip.
A young rebel falls in love with a malevolent politician's daughter
A clerk who can walk through walls falls in love with a married woman.
A boy band from the Garden State rises to popularity.
A detective reveals his inner-musical theatre star while investigating a murder.
Friends survive love and war as they grow up in the 60s and 70s.
Two friends have a series of adventures over the course of 365 days.
Swindlers roam on the Riviera and turn against each other.
Opposites attract as a Drape and a Square fall in love.
Unemployed working class men go to extremes to get by.
Plot SummaryMusical
Knights, Kings, and Laker Girls search for something Holy.
A slightly rude creature tries to woo a princess.
Mother and daughter go from being aristocrats to living in seclusion.
High schoolers try to revolutionize a TV show.
A Greek muse inspires a young man to create a roller disco.
Kids with an impressive vocabulary come of age.
Two roommates turn on each other as they use their skill sets for very different reasons.
Black women face persecution in the South in the 1930s.
Kids learn about sex before it's taught in schools.
A mother and daughter take a tour of Italy.
Peter, Liza, and Judy come to life along with all their fame and fortune.
A woman and her family struggle with her illness.
Working-class suburban youths try alcohol, drugs, and the army to find excitement.
A famous dance style goes through different variations.
A popular band leader falls in love with a taken girl in the 1980s.
A young woman tries to figure out who her father is before her wedding.
A man and woman's relationship disintegrates at a showbiz gathering.
The government tries to bring down a Nigerian composer and activist.
A boy turns down sports to do something more artistic.
Press agents go to extremes to get a spot in a famous newspaper column.
A famous composer's life affects his work until his untimely death.
A governess falls for an already married man.

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