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PlotShow# of Tony Wins
Young Americans struggle to find themselves in the early 21st century.2
A homosexual vaudeville star deals with personal and professional issues.3
A young boy and girl must protect a treasure chest aboard a ship.5
A married couple invite a younger colleague and his wife into their 'games'.3
A legendary composer and activist performs amidst threats from the government.3
Drag queens travel by bus to perform a show in Australia.1
A middle class neighborhood deals with race relations and gentrification in two separate eras.1
A maid longs to go to a ball and fall in love with a prince.1
The youth of America celebrate love and protest war in the 1960s.1
At an English country house, a man attempts to woo three women over one weekend.1
A family of actors is torn apart when one decides she wants to leave the business.1
A devoted detective chases a con artist through the years.1
Elizabeth I's relationship with her imprisoned cousin is explored.1
A longshoreman becomes jealous of his niece's new romance.1
A man avoids eviction as he parties with his mates and receives several unexpected visitors.1
An ogre sets off to rescue a betrothed princess, falling for her in the process.1
An Irish musician and a Czech immigrant fall in love over the course of one week.8
A Caucasian disc jockey dares to play African-American music in the 1950s.4
A businessman tries to connect to his wife and two sons and fix their empty lives.2
A young man attempts to climb the corporate ladder.1
A novelist holds a seance to get ideas for his next story, unwittingly bringing back his nagging first wife.1
A house guest of an affluent Jewish family influences their lives over the course of 20 years.1
Two teenagers spread their beliefs with the world.9
A 400-year-old monarch, about to be put out of his misery, puts up one last fight to try to stay in power.1
A young employee lets his superiors use his apartment to have their affairs.1
A Wall Street broker stows away on a ship to chase after the woman of his dreams.3
A legendary artist works on a famous painting as his assistant questions his ideals.6
Two homebodies are visited by their movie star sister and her boyfriend.1
PlotShow# of Tony Wins
Four famous musicians come together for a recording session.1
Old friends and lovers reunite as a legendary theatre is about to be torn down.1
A musicologist struggles to discover the meaning behind a famous piece.1
An actress auditions for a new play, ultimately overpowering the director.1
Much to the chagrin of his father, a young boy takes up ballet.10
A New York tabloid columnist rises to fame in the late 20th century.2
An heir to the throne tries to find his true purpose in life.4
A young man serves in World War I in an attempt to reconnect with an old friend.5
In the early 20th century, a man takes residence at a boarding house with his young daughter while searching for his wife.2
An elderly woman sets out on a quest to revisit her childhood home.1
A drag performer helps save a struggling shoe factory.6
Activists crusade against the AIDS crisis as its consequences affect them personally3
A down-on-her-luck Bostonite looks up an old flame in hopes of a chance at a new start.1
An actress reconnects with an old flame who has recently married a younger woman.1
A family copes with and tries to help fight their matriarch's mental disease3
Two friends portray the same fictitious persona and fall in love with women as their character.1
A crippled beggar tries to rescue a woman from her abusive lover.2
A sanitation worker and his family's lives change over the course of two months in 1950s Pittsburgh.3
A legendary performer re-enacts a couple of famous nightclub acts.1
An engaged wealthy playboy falls for a bootlegger in the 1920s.2
The proprietors of a drag club brace for the arrival of their son's fiancee's conservative family.3
Disgruntled workers go on strike and take on a publishing giant.2
Gang violence escalates when rival members fall for each other1
A man employed by two masters goes to extremes to keep them from meeting each other.1
A writer reveals to her family that she has written a novel that could tarnish their reputations.1
A young girl and her teacher change each other's lives.4
Parents argue over a violent incident involving their two sons3

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