Geysers of Yellowstone National Park

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Can you name the Tallest Geysers of Yellowstone?

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IntervalGeyserHeight (ft)
30-127 min106-184
9 hrs- days150-200
0-41 eruptions per year100-200
4-9 hrs30-98
12.5-13.5 hrs40-100
6-20 hrs150-250
erupts with (above^)35-70
infrequent: days- months175-275
rarely with (above^)15-100
rarely with (above^^)30-125
85 min- 5 hrs75-125
rare: last active in 199750-218
with Grotto (4-49 hrs)15-83
IntervalGeyserHeight (ft)
rare: days- years20-75
5.5-8.5 hrs75
3 days-months (when active)100-125
with (above^)40-80
dormant, last minor eruption in 198580-300
8-17 hrs10-250
3.5-11 hrs10-100
rare, last active in June, 2012150-200
~6 hours when active (last20-75
rare, last active in 2008200- 386
dormant, last in 199912-120
dormant, last in 1977100-125

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