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Which disney film does the Doctor quote in The Christmas Invasion?
Whose face did the 10th Doctor first see?
Which actor from the episode 'Midnight' appears as the title character in Merlin?
In which episode did Amy first appear?
Who portrayed the First Doctor?
Name a member of the Cult of Skaro.
Finish the quote 'How come you sound like your from the North'?
What is the name of the particals which Donna is affected by in The Runaway Bride?
What is the surname of companion Donna?
Eve Myles plays Gwen Cooper but which other Doctor Who character did she play?
What was Martha training to be before she met the Doctor?
In which episode did Rose first appear?
Whose face did the 11th Doctor first see?
Where is the Doctor from?
What does TARDIS stand for according to 'The Next Doctor'?
Who portrayed the Tenth Doctor?
In what year was Doctor Who first aired on Televsion?
What is the name of the institute Captian Jack works for?
Where is the first place the Doctot takes Martha?
Who is 'The Next Doctors' companion?
Original companion Sarah Jane Smith made a reapearance in which episode?
How many reincarnations of the Doctor have there been?
What does TARDIS stand for?
Who portrayed the Fifth Doctor?

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