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We have instructions to bring havoc to this bullshit, consumerist, godless, Paki-bashing, Gordon Ramsay 'Taste the Difference' speciality cheddar, torture-endorsing, massacre-spons
'**** mini babybells!'
'They seek him here, they seek him there, but he's not there, he's blowing up your slag sister!'
'With all due respect bro, you like Maroon 5'
'Because she's got a beard'
'These are real bad times, bro. Islam is cracking up. We got women talking back. We got people playing stringed instruments. It's the end of days!'
'Am I blowing a dog in a ditch or am I Paki Rambo?!'
'Rubber dingy rapids'
'You can talk to your legs, you know'
'Jews invented spark plugs to control global traffic'

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