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Can you name the famous 'offspring' of these two people?

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Tolkien's talking tree and Blade's mentorPinball Wizard
He-Man's girlfriend and Jose CuervoShot at love
'Let's Get Physical' and 'Light My Fire' singersPalace of Wisdom
Welsh operatic pop star and late comedian BennyBlood, toil, tears, and sweat
Lara Croft actress and WWF's CaptainKnows all about the caged bird
Dead Pulp Fiction chopper owner and Long DukChinese Chairman
Late metal god and 'Piece of My Heart' singerNBA center (Cle/Dal/NJ/Cha)
LA Dodgers manager and Dark Angel actressSan Diego Padres catcher
Palm smartphone and Olivia De Havilland's sisterOregon star 'without limits'
Ex Cubs pitcher and longtime ESPN blowhardDouchebag CT Senator

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