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In a garage behind a house there is a luxury sedan,Billy Talent 2
Twist my arm like a knife tonight,Billy Talent 3
A fistful of lies, dressed up in disguise,Billy Talent 2
Don't you tell me, what you think is right...Billy Talent 1
Like a fire, don't need water,Billy Talent 2
Broken dagger, southern swagger!Billy Talent 1
We're breakin' up the city...Billy Talent 1
Be strong enough, to hold onto us,Billy Talent 3
...Is sinking man and I don't wanna swim!!Watoosh!
Whisper, whisper, don't make a sound,Billy Talent 2
Among the broken mirrors I don't look the same...Billy Talent 3
I heard a man say I do it for attention,Watoosh!
Loose lips may sink ships...Billy Talent 2
Don't call me your friend...Billy Talent 1
I sat in my room for 27 days,Billy Talent 1
She's a bullet in russian roulette...Billy Talent 2
I left my best friends, or did they just leave me?Billy Talent 2
I scratched, my knees, they bled...Billy Talent 1
Let the rain fall down, let it fall to the ground,Billy Talent 3
Teacher said it's just a phase...Billy Talent 1
Doctor doctor on the phone,Billy Talent 3

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