Spanish Irregular Verbs A-Da

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Can you name the Spanish Irregular Verbs A-Da?

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What it MeansIrregular Verb
to encourage
to abstain
to welcome/take in
to go to bed
to lose weight
to hunt
to add
to turn sour
to lift/raise/hoist
to agree to
to dawn
to put out/ to put off
to attend to
to land
to terrorize
to agree/ to reconcile
to gag/muzzle
to find out
to block
to fall
to give
What it MeansIrregular Verb
to qualify
to analyze
to breed
to grow
to water down
to calm down
to act
to quote/ to price
to cost
to approve
to contribute
to contract/ to acquire
to continue
to contain/ to restrain
to count/ to tell
to reach
to build/ manufacture
to allow/permit
to appear/show up
to know
to converge/ to meet
What it MeansIrregular Verb
to thank
to confide
to confess
to consider/ to judge
to park/ to shelf
to complicate
to appear
to start/ to begin
to take
to clarify
to stress/to accent
to testify to
to civilize
to crash
to confirm
to punish
to heat up/ to warm up
to be suitable
to embrace

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