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Cartman must finish singing this song if he has only heard part of it
Chef's Real Name
The club that Chef joins after the Scientology Episode
The name of the Kid's Choir that the boys are forced to join in the rainforest episode
The Country they visit in the choir
The plastic surgery that Kyle has to become a basketball player
Name of the Orca that the boys send to space
Country that the boys go to in order to send the Orca to space
Name of the piece of **** with a Santa hat
Name of Towelie's book (under the name Stephen McTowelie)
The part of Oprah's body that holds people hostage
nickname of Oprah's body part
Lesbian teacher of the boys' class after Mr. Garrison gets a Rhinoplasty
Name of Butter's Alter Ego
Name of Butter's girlfriend in the Raisins episode
Game System that Cartman cannot wait for
Mel Gibson movie that Cartman loves
Name of man that challenges Paris Hilton to a **** Off
Odd, annoying species found in pond on a camping trip
Mexican Restaurant that Cartman loves (also the name of the episode)

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