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number of major U.S. sports
eggs in a carton (typical amount)
devil's number/mark of the beast
books in Harry Potter series
bakers dozen
teams in NFL
points for a safety in football
cigarettes in a pack
days in a leap year
The____ club is a group of musicians who died at this age
neither even nor odd
year guns n roses released appetite for destruction
age to watch a rated 'R' movie
sides on a icosagon
age to buy spray paint
a mole in math is ____x10to the 23
limit of answers in sporcle quizes
outs recorded in a full length nine inning basebal game
age to be president
pounds in a kilogram
letters in alphabet
Shaq's shoe size
___days later (movie)
teams in MLB
seconds in an hour
Number Babe Ruth wore
a gross
number of states
cards in a deck
Hank Aaron's(the real home run king) home run total
Barry Bond's home run total
Obama is our____ president
number of wins by cy young
an awesome pen is the G__
In math considered a 'non negative number'

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