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Fredric March (1931)
Jim Carrey (2011)
Adam Sandler (2002)
Kevin Costner (2007)
Judi Dench (2005)
Seann William Scott (2007)
James Stewart (1939)
Diane Keaton (1977)
Greer Garson (1942)
George Clooney (2009)
Richard Dreyfuss (1995)
Sandra Bullock (2000)
Jennifer Jason Leigh (1994)
Rex Harrison (1947)
Angelina Jolie (2005)
Maggie Smith (1969)
Joanne Woodward (1990)
Robin Williams (1993)
Bernie Mac (2004)
Renée Zellweger (2006)
Henry Fonda (1939)
Frances McDormand (2008)
Billy Connolly (1997)
Steve Carell (2006)
Morgan Freeman (1989)
Sidney Poitier (1970)
Billy Crystal (1992)
Helen Mirren (1999)
Jack Lemmon (1955)
Michael Keaton (1983)
Warren Beatty (1971)
Gary Cooper (1936)
Ellen Degeneres (1996)
Natalie Portman (2007)
Jude Law (1999)
Robert Donat (1939)

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