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Who faked their death in 1864?
Who is the first successful created hybrid?
What was Lexi Branson's exact birthdate?Month Day Year
Who is the Original Hybrid?
Who destroyed Finn?
Who did Damon meet in particular in 1912?
What number episode was 'Masquerade'?It was season 2 episode number ____(words)
Who has appeared once in each season?
How many times has Alaric Saltzman been killed by Damon?
Who was the mystic falls serial killer in 1912?
What weapon is used to permanently kill an Original?
Which bloodline did Esther channel in 'All My Children'?Season 3 Episode 15.
Who tortured Damon in 'The Murder Of One'?
In what episode was an Original first seen?The episode is the name of a Vampire.
Who are Elena's birth parents?
Chronologically, name all the Doppelgängers of the series.First names only. No commas.
What name does Damon usually call Caroline?
Who was the vampire sacrificed at 'The Sacrifice' (event)?
Where did Mason hide the moonstone?
Who is the Original Witch?

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