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Can you name the U.S. State by the last time both Senators were Democrat?

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YearStateDem Senators
Present (since 1958)Joe Manchin/Jay Rockefeller
Present (since 1977)Mazie Hirono/Brian Schatz
Present (since 1987)Ben Cardin/Barbara Mikulski
Present (since 1993)Dianne Feinstein/Barbara Boxer
Present (since 1999)Kirsten Gillibrand/Chuck Schumer
Present (since 2001)Thomas Carper/Chris Coons
Present (since 2001)Debbie Stabenow/Carl Levin
Present (since 2001)Maria Cantwell/Patty Murray
Present (since 2007)Jon Tester/John Walsh
Present (since 2007)Sheldon Whitehouse/Jack Reed
Present (since 2009)Mark Udall/Michael Bennet
Present (since 2009)Amy Klobuchar/Al Franken
Present (since 2009)Martin Heinrich/Tom Udall
Present (since 2009)Jeff Merkley/Ron Wyden
Present (since 2009)Tim Kaine/Mark Warner
Present (since 2013)*Chris Murphy/Richard Blumenthal
Present (since 2013)Elizabeth Warren/Ed Markey
Present (since 2013)Robert Menendez/Cory Booker
2011Mark Pryor/Blanche Lincoln
2011Kent Conrad/Byron Dorgan
2011Bob Casey Jr./Arlen Specter
2011Herb Kohl/Russ Feingold
2010Dick Durbin/Roland Burris
2005Bill Nelson/Bob Graham
2005Mary Landrieu/John Breaux
YearStateDem Senators
2005Tim Johnson/Tom Daschle
2003Max Cleland/Zell Miller
2001Richard Bryan/Harry Reid
1997Bob Kerrey/John James Exon
1995Howard Metzenbaum/John Glenn
1994Howell Heflin/Richard Shelby*
1994Jim Sasser/Harlan Matthews
1985Walter Huddleston/Wendell Ford
1979Richard Clark/John Culver
1979Ed Muskie/William Hathaway
1979Thomas McIntyre/John Durkin
1978John Stennis/James Eastland
1977Vance Hartke/Birch Bayh
1976Stuart Symington/Thomas Eagleton
1973B. Everett Jordan/Sam Ervin
1969Fred Harris/Mike Monroney
1968Bob Bartlett/Ernest Gruening
1964Strom Thurmond*/Olin Johnston
1963Ralph Yarborough/William Blakley
1962Gale McGee/John J. Hickey
1953Ernest McFarland/Carl Hayden
1949Bert Miller/Glen Taylor
1947Abe Murdock/Elbert D. Thomas
1861 (never)**
1791 (never)***

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