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The Supreme Fighting Machine
Former Miami Heat dancer
Imposter Sin Cara
Holds Record for Most Consecutive WrestleManias with a Match
His orginial last name was Manson
Won WWE Tag Titles with 3 different partners
Wrestled at Oklahoma
Beat Eve for her lone Divas title
Dated Test before his death
This man's wife appeared in the 40 Year Old Virgin
Daughter of a Tag Team Champion
Played in The Hangover
Was married to Luna
First NWA-TNA World Champion
Teamed with college roommate in OVW
Orginally named Kole in WCW
Got on her knees and barked like a dog on RAW
Won Tag Title during Debut
Dave Thomas restaurant
Won IC title at St.Valentine's Day Massacre
Fired after choking out Justin Roberts
Main Evented 1st Monday Nitro
The Last Winner of The King of the Ring
South African
The Prototype
First Indian in WWE roster
Says they called her a boy in the BE A STAR ads
Number 1 entrant in the 1996 Rumble
Held Divas Title for over 200 days
The Lighter Son of a Headshrinker
Fell off Titantron on Raw
Before going to FCW, competed in NJPW
Poured paint on Randy Orton's car
Debut Match in 1996 vs Jerry Lawler
Let the Bobbies hit the Floor!!!!
Mystery Man at WCW Sin 2001
Born in Switzerland
Nephew of Carlos Colon
Son of Carlos Colon
Referee in the 1998 Survivor Series match between Sable and Jacqueline
Defeated Mankind at Survivor Series 1997
Held Divas Title for 6 Days
Stole Earnest the Cat Miller's theme
Stone Cold's first opponent in WWE
Name translated to English is 'Natural Disaster'
A New Blackjack
Once married to WWE Diva Tiffany
Brother of the late Umaga
Married to Jennifer Hudson
Hurt back on trap door intended for Warrior in WCW
Sang 'With My Baby Tonight'
Beat Justin Credible in his WWE debut
NXT Season 1 winner
Wrestled the first match on WCW Nitro
Jerry's Kid
Managed by Brother Love
Host of the 2006 Diva Search
Tag Team Champion with Hardcore Holly
Last WWE Champion prior to Punk
Beat Marty Jannetty in his WWE debut
Son of the loser of the WWF Title tourney finals
Former slogan: 'Yep, Yep, What It Do.'
Went on trial with the Federal Gov't in 1994
Won IC Title in 1st match in WWE
Fired from WCW after brawl with Paul Orndorff
Previously dated Jay Lethal
Fell off the roof of Cobo Hall
Member of the Radicalz
First Money in the Bank Winner
The Heavier Son of a Headshrinker
The 2nd commissioner in WWE history
Winner of 2007 Diva Search
Beat Taka for Light Heavyweight Title
Starred in a porno
Last person to win WWE title at a house show
An Indian-Canadian
Uncle of a St. Louis Ram
Member of the Dangerous Alliance
Flex Kavana
Number 2 entrant in 1998 Rumble
His theme was composed in 1741 by George Frideric Handel
Debuted the Night after WrestleMania 12
Finished 9th in Heisman Voting
Son of a Former NHL player
Wrestled at Kent State
First Managed Essa Rios
Appeared in one WWE match
Son of a Person Ringside during Main Event of WrestleMania 1
2nd World Champion in NWA-TNA history
Has a son named Dominik

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