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Identifying CharacteristicsOrganization
This Islamist organization is primarily active in Somalia, though they have launched attacks in neighboring countries.
This South American, leftist group has been involved in high-profile kidnappings and with drug trafficking.
This leftist Peruvian group was known for its brutality against rural villagers.
This leftist Peruvian group famously took over the Japanese Embassy in Lima, Peru in 1997.
Major Islamist separatist organization whose activities are concentrated in the Philippines.
This Palestinian Sunni Islamist movement currently controls the Gaza strip portion of Palestine.
Active primarily in Turkey, but also in Iraq, Syria, and Iran, this ethnic separatist group wants an independent state.
Perhaps the most widely-known terrorist group, this organization has been responsible for many infamous attacks, including 9/11.
This organization is a radical Shiite Muslim group that waged a small war against Israel in 2006 after it kidnapped IDF soldiers.
This group has been responsible for multiple bombings and attacks in Northern Ireland since 1997, including the Omagh bombing, which killed 29 people.
Although recently defeated (2009), this organization once maintained control over its own territory, maintained an air force, and assassinated an Indian Prime Minister.

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