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The earliest people of Mesopotamia were the Sumerians
Early Egyptian civilization was less rural than Mesopotamia
Harappa and Mohenjo-daro are the two largest and best-known sites of settlement of the Indus Valley People
The Archaic period began with the end of the Dark Ages, in which the Phoenicians played an important role
The Persian Empire was built up by these three kings, Xerxes, Cambyses,and Darius III
The Spartans took over and enslaved the Messenians in order to ensure a good supply of food
Greek cities of Anatolia, Eritrea and Sparta, revolted for 6 years against Persia. This led to the Persian Wars: four Persian attacks on Greece
The two most influential philosophers of the Archaic period were Plato and his disciple Socrates
All free adults participated in Athenian democracy. Children, slaves, and foreigners did not have the rights of citizens
The Emperor of Han China was seen as the Son of Heaven, the link between heaven and the human world

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