What Is Missing?: Movie Edition II

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Can you name the missing link from the following lists?

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Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland
Joe, Nice Guy Eddie, Mr Blonde, Mr Orange, Mr Pink, Mr Brown, Mr White
Mean Streets, Casino, Taxi Driver, King of Comedy, Goodfellas, New York New York, Raging Bull
Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Christian Bale
1885, 1985, 2015
Frodo, Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir, Sam, Gandalf, Merry, Pippin
Bill, Beatrix Kiddo, Elle Driver, Vernita Green, O-Ren Ishii
Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans
A brain, a beauty, a rebel, a recluse
Alfonso Cuaron, Mike Newell, David Yates

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