Canadian Provinces/Territories By Name Origin

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Can you name the Canadian province or territory by its name origin?

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Name OriginProvince/Territory
Latin for 'New Scotland'
Named for the father of Queen Victoria
First applied to a river, a Cree word meaning 'swift-flowing river'
An Inuktitut word meaning 'our land'
First applied to a lake, a native word meaning 'beautiful lake' or 'sparkling water'
A practical term, denoting the general direction of the area
A combination of colonial influence and a 15th century explorer, albeit indirectly
Name OriginProvince/Territory
An Assiniboine word meaning 'Lake of the Prarie' or a Cree word meaning 'the strait of the spirit'
A combination of the French phrase 'Terre Neuve' and another word meaning 'landholder'
A compliment to George III, a descendent of the House of the same name
Named for the daughter of Queen Victoria
An Algonquin word meaning 'narrow passage' or 'strait'
A native word meaning 'great river'

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