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Which country has won the most olympic medals everAustralia / Russia / USA
on AFIs top 50 villains list who is the number 50 villainNoah Cross / Frank Booth / Alonzo Harris
Who originally played bass for The BeatlesStuart Sutcliffe / Pete Best / Astrid Kirchherr
who created sporcle (thanks by the way for creating an entire new way to procrastinate)Mark Zuckerberg / Matt Ramme / Jack Dorsey
what country are Babe Ruths ancestors fromSwitzerland / Hungary / Germany
According to greek mythology Achilles was only weak in hisHeel / Hand / Forehead
What is the largest amount of hot dogs ever eaten in 10 minutes72 / 47 / 68
On the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashonah it is customary to dip what in whatApples in Honey / Potatoes in Salt Water / Grapes in Wine
what colors are in the Peruvian flagYellow, Blue, and Green / Red and White/ Red, White, and Blue
What do the words E plurbius unum meanFor life and liberty / Under this country / Out of many one

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