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Shaq vs. Michael Phelps
tribute to Wilt the Stilt
from Shaquille vs. Oscar de la Hoya
efering to him hitting free throws(or shooting) citing the Serbians were great shooters
for his propensity to tweet
because people couldn't figure him out
for terrorizing Keith Van Horn under the boards in the 2002 Playoffs
comparing his footwork under the hoop to the Russian dancer
most basic nickname
I don't know....father?
for eliminating foreign born players Rik Smits and Arvydys Sabonis from the 2000 Playoffs
for deliverying consistently funny quotes or soundbites
referring to a comic book character. Devourer of Worlds. Huge guy, flies through space, eats planets
a reference to his greatness, which enabled him to win the MVP Award
for making nine free throws in a row against Portland once in the playoffs
because his stock continues to rise
for peeling life out of the NJ Nets in the playoffs
one of the originals - a type of gas
comes from a nectar that comes out of a cactus in reference to playing in Phoenix
for making a key steal against Orlando
nickname he gave himself in Shaq Vs. Big Ben
man of steel - stolen by Dwight Howard
from his rap days with Fu Schinkens
protection for Lebron James
no explanation possible
'because of all my handles' refering to his inner point guard skills
after averaging 40 ppg in the Finals
after he claimed to have a PHD
referencing to shaq's style of being a center being a dying breed
playing amongst the cacti

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