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Can you name the trivia questions from the popular halo web series Red vs Blue?

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Who says, 'Bow Chicka Bow Wow'
Who infects cabooses mind and 'takes some furniture with'
What is Donut's alter ego when he wears his short shorts in court
What sport was named after Grif
Sarge's preferred weapon
What is commands shortcut for reporting Caboose team kills
What AI unit did Washington have
Church's all time best friend, in his own words
What actually is Church
Who wears the 'light red'
What is the name of the bomb?
'that was the worst throw ever, of all time.' 'Not my fault, somebody put a ???? in my way.'
The robot helper for the red team who can't speak english
What map are the new bases in in Reconstruction
'The stealthy, and intelligent wizard'
Leader of the red team
What did Tucker find that the alien was after
The suck-up of the red team
what was the name of 'the alien who only loves'
'I am caboose and I hate ?'
What does Church claim he is to Washington ('Boo, motherfuc****')
Weapon Church carries all the time
What is the name of the tank, later moved to the pelican
Who is the freelancer in the orginal series
What does Caboose not want to catch from Tucker

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