Cryptic Countries - North America

Random Geography or North America Quiz

Can you name the countries of North America from the cryptic clues?

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Cooked Thai for one
Guardian meddled with a tuba band
Locked in a mini car, a guatemalan!
About nothing, to the Spanish
Yes, German graduate is in charge of first appointments
Graduate of Islamic Resistance Movement?
Endless bomb attack begins
Supporting actor I cast ambitiously, at first
Latin lords circa shortly
And hours passed
Kiss dentist in van at organisation
Sleep upright, half-amazed
A lunatic is at large!
Bound by confusion? Castrate me if so (appendages first!)
Holy men entertain price as well as pomegranate juice
Come away about 11
Wild boars? Bad
Baby A?
Reworking I'd do at ignorant bat
Strange salad lover
A late mug, a preparation
Elizabeth trapped by insect
Island country heads north to the people's country

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