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Can you name the countries of Europe from these cryptic clues?

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How to Play Forced Order
Also try: New England States
Please see also, and
Shining above zero,a mess
West European country to rule listeners
Diamond territory
'End in Paris', the French-American state
Gas country between two points
At first, Kingdom of Serbia, otherwise violent outcast
Never accept right
Two students volunteer
Bacteria chased by a New Yorker well as alternative artist
Learner rewrites Einstein tech
Dropped a haul in it
Southern Heartache
Mentor gone off?
Clemency Prussia concealed
Lab experiments lead to headless excitement
ClueCountryReason oval spins, trapping half of kite
Father presents article to church
Rot stopped, we hear
Without bishop, barriers collapse
River ground
First Brigadier with upset donkey imprisoning US soldier
Lewd tzars in revolution
I keep count heartlessly
South-western paradise
He hurries, its said
Listen! Oil!
So, Narnia re-write contains magical first?
Endless battle-song?
Audible payment, say, concerning the people
Professor in club by outskirts of Ibiza
German glitter?
Bring together daughter and monarch at party - Mary First?
A sin corrupted to embrace affection
Spies eat prepared taro
Here there be dragons? X
Old Italian at Italia's border
Left American girl to embrace university
Half of Mexico rising up in support of student university, all backed by half of strasbourg
Lisa's first officer?
Unusual notes on article I entered
Southern country extradites gangster
Bartok runs for America
Endless spin is important
Tax I'm able to bring to Rome, say
Roman road follows California city trail initially
Anger nation

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