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Can you name the the words that start with the names of the body parts listed?

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A nation's land based military force 
Mammal covered in scaly bone-like plates 
Epic battle associated with the end of time 
Asian country, capital Beijing 
South American rodent kept as a pet 
Printed Calico cloth 
3rd rock from the sun 
Insect whose name derives from a myth about where it lays its eggs 
Member of the British Peerage 
Site of mascara application 
The area where the thinnest part of the facial skin can be found 
One who actually saw the incident 
a.k.a. 'Wellies' 
A soup or stew originating in Louisiana 
Boldness, initiative or courage 
Apparatus used for opening a door or drawer 
Composer of the Water Music 
Numerical measure of an amateur golfer's sporting ability 
Mammal that takes its name from the Greek for 'River Horse' 
Member of a 60s youth subculture associated with the Summer of Love 
Oath taken by doctors 
1975 Spielberg film about a great white shark 
Danish toy whose name means 'play well' 
French Foreign or Royal British, for example 
Breed of chicken originating in Tuscany; Warner Brothers Foghorn 
High sheen decor for kissing apparatus 
Surgery for the removal of fat 
Horse breed associated with the Spanish Riding School 
Thin flexible material used for binding and tying 
Structure of bones providing protection for the chest 
Vitamin B2 
Keratin covering for the lowest forward facing body parts 
Dirt accummulated between the foot digits 
Unpleasant person 

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