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LyricsSong Title
'All the cities in the world, and so very little time, and so many different girls, all you have to do is find them...'
'He told me that I showed a great potential, that given I turned heads and pages fame would be a piece of cake...'
'There is this thing that's like touching except you don't touch...'
'Nothing is certain at this time of day, you could reverberate, you could decay...'
'I am an anarchist, an antichrist, an asterisk...'
'I could make a dress, a robe fit for a prince, I could clothe a continent, but I can't sew a stitch...'
'She's the kind of girl who looks for love in all the lonely places...'
'There's no end to the love you can give when you change your point of view...'
'I've been driving around town, with my head spinning around...'
'I'm counting back the number of the steps it took for me to get back on the wagon of the weekend...'
LyricsSong Title
'I am the tower around which you orbited, I am not proud I am just taking orders...'
'It is a Thursday, I got up early, it is a challenge, I'm usually lazy...'
'The record goes from blue to gold, so thank you for all your help...'
'Downloading doves on your fancy computer, you're shooting for love in the dark...'
'You can tell from the scars on my arms and cracks in my hips and the dents in the car and the blisters on my lips...'
'Made of plastic and elastic, he is rugged and long-lasting...'
'Hate to break it to you, but it's out of my control, forces go to work while we are sleeping...'
'Boys wear overcoats in heat like this to keep themselves from showing...'
'He's been trying with limited success to get this girl and get into her dress...'
'Half underwater, I'm half my mother's daughter...'

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