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American lyrical poet Teasdale
Zsa Zsa Gabor's real first name
Tony-winning 'Spamalot' actress Ramirez ('Grey's Anatomy')
FDR's mother __ Delano
Je ne __ quoi (I don't know what)
1970 Shirley MacLaine movie 'Two Mules for Sister __'
'Mens sana in corpore __' (a healthy mind in a healthy body)
'60's - '70's Japanese leader Eisaku __
'Vic and __' of old radio
Egyptian queen of the gods
Scottish nightshirt
Former Iranian president Bani-__
Atlantic food fish; porgy
Handel oratorio
Writer H.H. Munro's pseudonym
Baghdad's __ City
Language related to Finnish; Laplander
'Volsunga __', 13th-Century Icelandic epic
Reddish-brown gem
Shadow: pref.
Palm type or starch
Heroin, slangily
Central African group
Director Gene ('Mame' 'The Odd Couple')
Indian actor of '30's - '60's ('Elephant Boy')
Filmmaker Gus Van __ ('Good Will Hunting' 'Milk')
'Quien __?' (Spanish 'who knows')
Port __, Egypt
Rabbit's tail
__ souci (carefree)
Coll. entrance exam, once
Acronymic title once held by MacArthur
Flesh: pref.
Western Atlantic Carangid fish
Coarse hominy; corn porridge
Old-time Irish actress Allgood ('How Green Was My Valley')
Puppeteer Tony
1980's sitcom starring Geena Davis
__-serif (type style)
Levantine ketch
Leeward island, formerly of the Netherland Antilles
Maine river or city
Old English bard
Mystery writer Paretsky
Pizzeria in 'Do the Right Thing'
Spanish for healthy

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