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Popular '30's dance
'Vic and __' of old radio
Photocopy, for short
Like some Spanish wine; dry, in Spain
Coarse hominy; corn porridge
Film extra, for short
Indian actor of '30's - '60's ('Elephant Boy')
Handel oratorio
'Brave New World' drug
George Gershwin song from 'Strike Up the Band'
1974 Sutherland/Gould spoof
Mr. Pecksniff of Dickens's 'Martin Chuzzlewit'
Baghdad's __ City
Lower layer of the earth's crust; igneous rock
Body of an organism
'Quien __?' (Spanish 'who knows')
Festoon; drapery, wreath, etc.
Sonoran Indian
Rudder support; keel extension
Rossini opera 'La Scala di __'
Kiss, in Britian
German for very
NFL offensive guard Chris (New York Giants)
Loudness unit
Chinese dynasty a thousand years ago
Toni Morrison novel
Flesh: pref.
Scottish river noted for salmon fishing
U.S. Coast Guard woman
Zaire's president Mobuto __ Seko
Jazz singer or British actress Sylvia (2 different people)
One-horse carriage
'Mens sana in corpore __' (a healthy mind in a healthy body)
Old English bard
Brother of Cain and Abel
Home tool maker
Prune or lop off, in Scotland
Southeast Asia ethnic group
Catch on a gunlock
Tony-winning 'Spamalot' actress Ramirez ('Grey's Anatomy')
Son of Ramses I
Irish short story writer O'Faolain
Central Asian mountain range, Tien __
Evenings, in Italy
Puppeteer Tony
Noon service, to ecclesiastics; canonical hour
Old-time actress Anna ('Nana')
Spanish muralist Jose Maria __
Straw beehive
Palm type or starch
Port __, Egypt
Mystery writer Paretsky
Rabbit's tail
Utah's state flower - lily
Rectangular paving stone
'60's - '70's Japanese leader Eisaku __
Gush forth: Var.
Old-time Irish actress Allgood ('How Green Was My Valley')
Pearl S. Buck's sequel to 'The Good Earth'
Roy Rogers's real surname
Spanish architect Jose Luis __ (Harvard Science Center)
Philippine archipelago
Priory of __, group in 'The Da Vinci Code'
Pizzeria in 'Do the Right Thing'
Pillow cover
Scottish nightshirt
Pas __ (dance solo); French for alone
Mining nail
Garden tool
'Melrose Place' actor Andrew
Weaver's reed; reed of a loom
Leeward island, formerly of the Netherland Antilles
Voiceless, in phonetics
Adaptable aircraft
Rama's wife, in a Hindu epic
'Say __', song recorded by the Andrew Sisters and Glenn Miller
Mason's wedge; carpenter's leveler
Nine inches
Director Gene ('Mame' 'The Odd Couple')
Maine river or city
Chinese city on the Wei, old style
__ souci (carefree)
1970 Shirley MacLaine movie 'Two Mules for Sister __'
Spanish for healthy
WWI French fighter plane
Lustrous mineral
Young, male red deer
Peau de __ (soft fabric)
__-serif (type style)
Clan unit
Atlantic food fish; porgy
Stable attendant, in India
'70's tennis great Smith
FDR's mother __ Delano
Dotted, in heraldry
American playwright Irwin __ ('The Young Lions' 'Rich Man, Poor Man')
Former Iranian president Bani-__
Bon __ (good evening, in French)
Sharp: pref.
__ Jahan (Taj Mahal builder)
Welsh actress Phillips ('I, Claudius')
Small barracuda
Revolutionary War commander __ Warner
Egyptian queen of the gods
Former president of Facebook and co-founder of Napster, Parker
Unfermented grape juice
Actor LaBeouf ('Transformers' 'Disturbia')
Gaiter; old-fashioned footwear
Blood fluid: Prefix
Hebrew letter
District of Pakistan
Gull-like predator of the Arctic
Small rail bird
Native South African village
WWI German Admiral Maximilian Graf von __
I am, in Italy; 'Dove __' (Mozart aria)
Knob on an organ
Initials referring to ancient Rome
Cartoonist Drake ('The Heart of Juliet Jones')
German battleship Graf __
Bandleader Fields
Bird feeder food
Capital of Valais, Switzerland
Writer H.H. Munro's pseudonym
Italian director Vittoro De __('The Bicycle Thief')
American author-illustrator Silverstein
Irrational, to mathematicians
'Volsunga __', 13th-Century Icelandic epic
Ukrainian river which flows into the Pripet River
Former CNN anchor Bernard
French for seven
'Honi __ qui mal y pense' (motto of the Order of the Garter)
Rapper __-Lo ('I Wish')
Jazz saxophonist Zoot __
Sequence of stages, in ecology
Musical connector; arc on a score
Comme ci, comme ca
American jazz pianist-composer Kenton
Tartan pattern
French city on the Yonne River; city of the Huguenots
Alone, as a female on stage
Je ne __ quoi (I don't know what)
French seaport
__ Kramer, 2010 Dutch Olympic speed-skating gold medalist
Noah's firstborn - brother of Ham & Japheth
German for victory
Zsa Zsa Gabor's real first name
Bob Hoskin's role in 'Hook'
Carangid fish
Since, in Scotland
1980's sitcom starring Geena Davis
__ bath (therapeutic treatment)
__ Ifni, __-bel-Abbes (North African cities)
Swedish cinematographer Nykvist
'Buona __' (good evening, in Italian)
Toots __, Manhattan restaurateur
Lady Macbeth's damned thing
Language related to Finnish; Laplander
Gather on the surface, chemically
1960's civil rights grp.
French for silk
WWI admiral William
Indian title of respect: Var.
American lyrical poet Teasdale
Spore clusters
'Land', in central Asia
Tunisian port
Oliver Wendell Holmes poem 'Wonderful One-Hoss __'
Opposite of legato, in mus. (abbr.)
Clockmaker Thomas
Central African group
Swedish explorer of Central Asia, __ Hedin
Koran chapter
Japanese noodle
Faro card
European apple tree
Ancient city of Elam
Hindu trinity member - god of destruction
Fish from Dover
Vodka brand
Roman goddess of hope
Child-welfare org.
Woman's magazine
Levantine ketch
Grammy-winning reggae artist __ Paul
Filmmaker Gus Van __ ('Good Will Hunting' 'Milk')
Ko-Ko's weapon in 'The Mikado'
Reddish-brown gem
Half: pref.
Coll. entrance exam, once
Heroin, slangily
Young oyster
English novelist Barstow ('A Kind of Loving')

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