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Rabbit's tail
Port __, Egypt
1980's sitcom starring Geena Davis
'Mens sana in corpore __' (a healthy mind in a healthy body)
Je ne __ quoi (I don't know what)
Flesh: pref.
Director Gene ('Mame' 'The Odd Couple')
Filmmaker Gus Van __ ('Good Will Hunting' 'Milk')
Maine river or city
Coarse hominy; corn porridge
'Quien __?' (Spanish 'who knows')
Zsa Zsa Gabor's real first name
Heroin, slangily
Old-time Irish actress Allgood ('How Green Was My Valley')
Coll. entrance exam, once
Egyptian queen of the gods
__-serif (type style)
FDR's mother __ Delano
Shadow: pref.
Mystery writer Paretsky
Indian actor of '30's - '60's ('Elephant Boy')
1970 Shirley MacLaine movie 'Two Mules for Sister __'
Writer H.H. Munro's pseudonym
Scottish nightshirt
'60's - '70's Japanese leader Eisaku __
Spanish for healthy
American lyrical poet Teasdale
'Vic and __' of old radio
Leeward island, formerly of the Netherland Antilles
Pizzeria in 'Do the Right Thing'
Tony-winning 'Spamalot' actress Ramirez ('Grey's Anatomy')
Central African group
Palm type or starch
Acronymic title once held by MacArthur
Old English bard
__ souci (carefree)
Baghdad's __ City
Reddish-brown gem
Atlantic food fish; porgy
'Volsunga __', 13th-Century Icelandic epic
Language related to Finnish; Laplander
Puppeteer Tony
Western Atlantic Carangid fish
Levantine ketch
Former Iranian president Bani-__
Handel oratorio

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