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Russian saint
East Indian woody vine
Court cry ('Hear ye!')
German composer and conducter, Klemperer
'The Good Earth' heroine
TV backdrop
Old cartoonist Soglow ('The Little King')
Newspaper publisher Adolph
Ural River city
Mountain: comb. form
'Return of the Jedi' dancing girl
__ and terminer (criminal court) - legal hearing
Former Panamanian leader Torrijos
Minnesota's St. __ College
__ vez (again, in Spanish)
Hebrew prophet Hosea, in the Douay Bible
Stage actress and writer Cornelia __ Skinner
'Beetle Bailey' dog
Giant chemicals and ammunition company
Scott Turow book
Setting of Albert Camus's 'The Plague'
Kon-Tiki Museum site; Frogner Park locale
Old Greek wine flask
German automaker
Edward Elgar cantata 'King __'
Ricelike pasta
Mayberry drunkard
Founder of the Holy Roman Empire, __ the Great
Ornamental pond fish
Two-time figure-skating Olympic gold medalist Protopopov
Taste of wood in some wines
Founder of Kievan Russia __ of Novgorod
Medieval Teutonic estate
Blood type, briefly
English artist John called 'The Cornish Wonder'
Straw in the wind
Dumbarton __, historic estate near Washington, D.C. (1944 conference site)
KGB predecessor
New Zealand's Great Barrier Island
One of the Ringling brothers
Soyuz cosmonaut Makarov
Norwegian river
To dare, in France
Greek mountain chain
Hawaiian thrush
Cameo stone
Son of Judah
American writer Sarah __ Jewett
Yorkshire river; name of three English rivers
German composer Carl ('Carmina Burana')
Baron of Strauss's 'Der Rosenkavalier'
Existence prefix
WWI poet Wilfred __ ('Dulce et Decorum Est')
Roman emperor between Vitellius and Galba
Stowe's 'The Pearl of __ Island'
Automobile pioneer Ransom E. __
Character in Eugene O'Neill's 'Mourning Becomes Electra'
Former heavyweight champ Maskaev (Russian)
German Olympic gold-medal winning swimmer, Kristin
Few: Pref.
Upscale hotel chain
Lake in NW Italy
__ d'amore, double reed woodwind musical instrument
Old Irish alphabet: Var.
Companion of Muhammad; the second Muslim Caliph
'Bloom County' penguin
Longtime Los Angeles Times publisher Chandler
Northern German/Czech river; Elbe tributary
French for eye
German town, Frankfurt an der __
Israeli conductor Daniel
Hebrew dry measure
Seine tributary; department north of Paris
First word of 'The Raven'
Richard Strauss opera 'Die Frau __ Schatten'; German for without
Count __, villain in Lemony Snicket books
German art patron Kahn
Olive genus
Taliban mullah Mohammed __
To dare, in Spain
'O' to ham operators, once
Toward the mouth
Upper, in Germany
Revolutionary James __, famous for saying 'Taxation without representation is tyranny'
Girl in Alexander Pushkin's 'Eugene Onegin' (also an opera and movie)
__ Ishii ('Kill Bill' character)
French wave
City of northern Finland
Princess __ (Disney duck)
Flat plinth
'70's Denver Broncos runningback Armstrong
Book between Amos and Jonah (abbr.)
Court cry (variation)
Pulitzer-winning author Robert __ Butler
Groucho in 'A Night at the Opera'
Annual race at Epsom Downs, with 'the'
Polish-German border river (Polish name)
Santa Barbara suburb
Norwegian speed-skating champ Johann __ Koss
Former Swedish prime minister Palme
One of four Holy Roman Emperors
'__, you noblest English!' (Shakespeare's 'Henry V')
Salyut 7 cosmonaut Atkov
Tony-nominated choreographer White ('The Music Man' 'Oliver!')
One of Chekhov's '3 Sisters'
Old English money
African antelope
'Little Shop of Horrors' dentist
Latin - pharmaceutical oils
Tasmania's highest peak
Like Ogden Nash's lama
Gabonese president __ Bongo
German physics Nobelist Stern
Russian actor Vidov
Jerusalem's Mosque of __
Cole Porter song 'Miss __ Regrets'
Platinum wire loop; bacteriologist's wire
The duck in 'Peter and the Wolf'
1989 Japanese film 'The Adventures of Milo and __' (pug)
Silent films star Petrova
Ahab's father in the Bible
German-Poland border river
Italian or Spanish for hatred
__ of Solomon (book of the Apocrypha)
__ strut (plane part)
Elbe River tributary
Baseball general manager Minaya
Princess in L. Frank Baum books
Sheik __ Abdel-Rahman, Egyptian leader of a militant Islamist movement
Novelist Whitney __ ('How to Make an American Quilt')
Italian bone
Odd, in Scotland
49-day period in Judaism; Post-Passover period
Book of Mormon book
French for egg
Spicy stew
Force on earth, briefly
Twelve __ ('Gone With the Wind' plantation)
Western writer Wister ('The Virginian')
__ probandi (burden of proof)
Greek peak
Early 20th-Century Russian ballerina Spessivtseva
Spanish artistic work
Italian innkeeper or host
Port of Kyushu
French for eleven
German chemistry Nobelist Hahn, co-discover of nuclear fission
Russian poet Mandelstam
First year Harvard law student
Algerian city
Coup d'__ (quick glance)
Daughter of Eugene O'Neill
Church calendar
Count Basie's '__'Clock Jump'
'Jaws' vessel
Nebraska county
Old-time actor Kruger ('Magnificent Obsession')
City south of Moscow
Novus __ seclorum (Great Seal phrase)
Baseball's Blue Moon __
Sacred Buddhist mountain in China
British general Wingate of WWII
Ancient Greek coin
Italian for eight
Trompe l'__ (optical illusion art)
Eternity or universe, in Hebrew
Elevator pioneer Elisha
Harem room: Var.
Lyricist Harbach ('Smoke Gets in Your Eyes' 'No, No, Nanette')
Normandy - Caen river
French for bear
Scottish port and resort
Jet black

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