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Santa Barbara suburb
Kon-Tiki Museum site; Frogner Park locale
Princess in L. Frank Baum books
Hebrew dry measure
Italian bone
Former Panamanian leader Torrijos
'__, you noblest English!' (Shakespeare's 'Henry V')
Scottish port and resort
Russian poet Mandelstam
Former Swedish prime minister Palme
Princess __ (Disney duck)
Eternity or universe, in Hebrew
Mayberry drunkard
Twelve __ ('Gone With the Wind' plantation)
Novus __ seclorum (Great Seal phrase)
Baron of Strauss's 'Der Rosenkavalier'
TV backdrop
Sheik __ Abdel-Rahman, Egyptian leader of a militant Islamist movement
__ probandi (burden of proof)
German automaker
Novelist Whitney __ ('How to Make an American Quilt')
The duck in 'Peter and the Wolf'
Annual race at Epsom Downs, with 'the'
Revolutionary James __, famous for saying 'Taxation without representation is tyranny'
City south of Moscow
Scott Turow book
English artist John called 'The Cornish Wonder'
Old Irish alphabet: Var.
African antelope
Elevator pioneer Elisha
One of four Holy Roman Emperors
Lyricist Harbach ('Smoke Gets in Your Eyes' 'No, No, Nanette')
Richard Strauss opera 'Die Frau __ Schatten'; German for without
Book between Amos and Jonah (abbr.)
Dumbarton __, historic estate near Washington, D.C. (1944 conference site)
Harem room: Var.
Ricelike pasta
Newspaper publisher Adolph
Former heavyweight champ Maskaev (Russian)
'O' to ham operators, once
Groucho in 'A Night at the Opera'
Giant chemicals and ammunition company
__ vez (again, in Spanish)
French wave
Count __, villain in Lemony Snicket books
Old Greek wine flask
__ Ishii ('Kill Bill' character)
Elbe River tributary
Port of Kyushu
__ of Solomon (book of the Apocrypha)
French for bear
Upper, in Germany
Tasmania's highest peak
Western writer Wister ('The Virginian')
German chemistry Nobelist Hahn, co-discover of nuclear fission
Medieval Teutonic estate
Olive genus
French for eye
49-day period in Judaism; Post-Passover period
To dare, in France
French for egg
Ahab's father in the Bible
Italian innkeeper or host
American writer Sarah __ Jewett
Old cartoonist Soglow ('The Little King')
Hawaiian thrush
Baseball's Blue Moon __
Ancient Greek coin
Force on earth, briefly
Algerian city
German Olympic gold-medal winning swimmer, Kristin
British general Wingate of WWII
First word of 'The Raven'
WWI poet Wilfred __ ('Dulce et Decorum Est')
Daughter of Eugene O'Neill
German art patron Kahn
First year Harvard law student
'Jaws' vessel
Two-time figure-skating Olympic gold medalist Protopopov
'The Good Earth' heroine
East Indian woody vine
Few: Pref.
Straw in the wind
__ strut (plane part)
Lake in NW Italy
Automobile pioneer Ransom E. __
Israeli conductor Daniel
Founder of the Holy Roman Empire, __ the Great
Cole Porter song 'Miss __ Regrets'
City of northern Finland
Minnesota's St. __ College
German composer Carl ('Carmina Burana')
Cameo stone
One of the Ringling brothers
German town, Frankfurt an der __
Upscale hotel chain
'70's Denver Broncos runningback Armstrong
Silent films star Petrova
'Little Shop of Horrors' dentist
Odd, in Scotland
Tony-nominated choreographer White ('The Music Man' 'Oliver!')
Like Ogden Nash's lama
Jet black
Court cry ('Hear ye!')
Stage actress and writer Cornelia __ Skinner
'Bloom County' penguin
Greek mountain chain
Platinum wire loop; bacteriologist's wire
German composer and conducter, Klemperer
Norwegian river
Spicy stew
Old English money
Coup d'__ (quick glance)
German physics Nobelist Stern
Seine tributary; department north of Paris
Sacred Buddhist mountain in China
Setting of Albert Camus's 'The Plague'
Roman emperor between Vitellius and Galba
Polish-German border river (Polish name)
Norwegian speed-skating champ Johann __ Koss
Latin - pharmaceutical oils
'Return of the Jedi' dancing girl
KGB predecessor
Normandy - Caen river
Count Basie's '__'Clock Jump'
Court cry (variation)
Edward Elgar cantata 'King __'
Book of Mormon book
Ural River city
German-Poland border river
Hebrew prophet Hosea, in the Douay Bible
Italian or Spanish for hatred
Mountain: comb. form
Founder of Kievan Russia __ of Novgorod
Blood type, briefly
Early 20th-Century Russian ballerina Spessivtseva
Existence prefix
Character in Eugene O'Neill's 'Mourning Becomes Electra'
Ornamental pond fish
1989 Japanese film 'The Adventures of Milo and __' (pug)
__ d'amore, double reed woodwind musical instrument
Yorkshire river; name of three English rivers
Italian for eight
Longtime Los Angeles Times publisher Chandler
Nebraska county
French for eleven
Son of Judah
Taliban mullah Mohammed __
Soyuz cosmonaut Makarov
New Zealand's Great Barrier Island
Baseball general manager Minaya
Spanish artistic work
Salyut 7 cosmonaut Atkov
Companion of Muhammad; the second Muslim Caliph
Northern German/Czech river; Elbe tributary
Old-time actor Kruger ('Magnificent Obsession')
Girl in Alexander Pushkin's 'Eugene Onegin' (also an opera and movie)
__ and terminer (criminal court) - legal hearing
Greek peak
One of Chekhov's '3 Sisters'
Trompe l'__ (optical illusion art)
Toward the mouth
Russian saint
Jerusalem's Mosque of __
Flat plinth
To dare, in Spain
Gabonese president __ Bongo
Russian actor Vidov
Stowe's 'The Pearl of __ Island'
Taste of wood in some wines
'Beetle Bailey' dog
Church calendar
Pulitzer-winning author Robert __ Butler

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