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Serbian city __ Sad
English river
Manhattan neighborhood
Spanish for baby
River in Ireland
Lincoln Peirce comic strip 'Big __'
Dudley Do-Right's love
Actress Talbot ('Hogan's Heroes')
Dutch-born actress Foch ('Executive Suite')
German for nine
iPod type
The __, Thames estuary sandbank
Wagon tongue, in New England
Knots; intricate plots
French department whose capital is Lille
Workers' rights org.
French for north
__ me tangere (touch me not), biblical phrase
Nickelodeon's '__ Declassified School Survival Guide'
British nursemaid
Italian actor Franco __ ('Camelot')
Lye or caustic soda, chemically
De __ (from the start)
Hebrew patriarch
Bourgeois, to the British
Marlon Brando's 'I Remember Mama' role (Broadway play)
Nick and __ Charles of 'The Thin Man'
Actor Wyle of 'ER'
Norse goddess of fate
Jazz singer Simone
1982 Tony-winning musical based on Fellini's '8 1/2'
'Six Feet Under' son
Insect or spider nests
Vaudeville singer Bayes ('Shine on, Harvest Moon')
Former car manufacturer, __ Motors
Okinawan port
Old comic strip, 'Little __'
Basketry or thatching palm
Selma Lagerlof's 'The Wonderful Adventures of __'
Town near Napoli; where Augustus died
Serbian city: Var.
NPR host __ Conan
__ Sheehan, Pulitzer-winning writer on Vietnam
Silent screen star Naldi
Mount from which Moses viewed the Promised Land
Remote telecast
Aromatic herb used by the ancients
Alaska's __ Islands
French tennis player Yannick __
Romance novelist Roberts
Vincent Lopez's theme song
St. Petersburg's river
Seaweed wrapped around sushi
Hungarian patriot Imre __
Not final, in law or a decree - Latin for unless
Short textile fibers; wool knot
Italian saint Philip __
Italian tenor Martini
1945 Noel Coward song
His __ (self-important man)
__ bene (note well), legal phrase
'Peter Pan' dog; the Darlings' dog
__ Matsuhisa, celebrity chef and restaurateu
Profit, in England
Mathematician played by Russell Crowe, John Forbes __, Jr.
Arthur Koestler novel 'Darkness at __'
__ Gwyn, mistress of Charles II
Prepare to shoot, as an arrow
Dorothy L. Sayers mystery 'The __ Tailors'
No, in Germany
Director of the musicals 'Cats' and 'Les Miserables', Trevor __
South Pacific island, formerly known as Savage Island
__ Galerie (Manhattan art museum)
Emile Zola heroine
Ancient Greek temple
__ the Great (boy detective)
James Joyce's wife
General McAuliffe's defiant reply in 1944
American-born Jordanian queen
Pheasant group
Little __, Dickens girl ('The Old Curiosity Shop')
Ingenue in Chekhov's 'The Seagull'
Movie whale
German for new
Tiber tributary
U.S. missile
Linguist Chomsky
Conde __ (magazine publisher)
Humanoid race and language in 'Avatar'
American portraitist Alice
__ Deep (oceanic depression)
Pele's org. (former American sports league)
'I, Claudius' role; 'Quo Vadis' role; Agrippina's son and slayer; Poppaea's husband
Informal denial
Cured and smoked salmon
Crash-investigating org.
Greek goddess of victory
Actress Patricia ('Hud' 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' 'The Homecoming')
Japan's first captial
Writer-director __ Jordan ('The Crying Game')
Name hidden in Al Hirschfeld's portraits; his daughter
Island near Sumatra
Ovid's real name, Publius Ovidius __
Koh-i-__ diamond
Political cartoonist Thomas
French for nine
New York congresswoman Lowey
Reply to the Little Red Hen
'__-ce pas?' ('Is it not')
Former Georgia senator Sam
Long-distance swimmer Diana
Local theater, slangily

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