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Name hidden in Al Hirschfeld's portraits; his daughter
General McAuliffe's defiant reply in 1944
Basketry or thatching palm
Jazz singer Simone
River in Ireland
'Peter Pan' dog; the Darlings' dog
Nickelodeon's '__ Declassified School Survival Guide'
Old comic strip, 'Little __'
__ me tangere (touch me not), biblical phrase
Lye or caustic soda, chemically
Nick and __ Charles of 'The Thin Man'
Silent screen star Naldi
Koh-i-__ diamond
South Pacific island, formerly known as Savage Island
St. Petersburg's river
Insect or spider nests
Conde __ (magazine publisher)
Workers' rights org.
Long-distance swimmer Diana
NPR host __ Conan
No, in Germany
Linguist Chomsky
Pheasant group
Arthur Koestler novel 'Darkness at __'
__ Deep (oceanic depression)
Italian saint Philip __
__ Matsuhisa, celebrity chef and restaurateu
Norse goddess of fate
Informal denial
Aromatic herb used by the ancients
His __ (self-important man)
British nursemaid
French department whose capital is Lille
English river
'I, Claudius' role; 'Quo Vadis' role; Agrippina's son and slayer; Poppaea's husband
Pele's org. (former American sports league)
Writer-director __ Jordan ('The Crying Game')
Actor Wyle of 'ER'
Marlon Brando's 'I Remember Mama' role (Broadway play)
Italian actor Franco __ ('Camelot')
Manhattan neighborhood
Mount from which Moses viewed the Promised Land
Actress Patricia ('Hud' 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' 'The Homecoming')
Not final, in law or a decree - Latin for unless
German for new
Ovid's real name, Publius Ovidius __
1982 Tony-winning musical based on Fellini's '8 1/2'
Selma Lagerlof's 'The Wonderful Adventures of __'
__ the Great (boy detective)
Alaska's __ Islands
Dutch-born actress Foch ('Executive Suite')
'__-ce pas?' ('Is it not')
Humanoid race and language in 'Avatar'
Greek goddess of victory
German for nine
Emile Zola heroine
__ bene (note well), legal phrase
French for nine
Vincent Lopez's theme song
Cured and smoked salmon
Ancient Greek temple
Seaweed wrapped around sushi
Local theater, slangily
Spanish for baby
iPod type
Movie whale
Vaudeville singer Bayes ('Shine on, Harvest Moon')
Ingenue in Chekhov's 'The Seagull'
Bourgeois, to the British
American-born Jordanian queen
Island near Sumatra
Hungarian patriot Imre __
Mathematician played by Russell Crowe, John Forbes __, Jr.
Former Georgia senator Sam
Serbian city __ Sad
'Six Feet Under' son
New York congresswoman Lowey
Reply to the Little Red Hen
Profit, in England
Town near Napoli; where Augustus died
Actress Talbot ('Hogan's Heroes')
Hebrew patriarch
Political cartoonist Thomas
Wagon tongue, in New England
Japan's first captial
__ Gwyn, mistress of Charles II
__ Galerie (Manhattan art museum)
Former car manufacturer, __ Motors
Crash-investigating org.
Tiber tributary
U.S. missile
French tennis player Yannick __
Romance novelist Roberts
American portraitist Alice
Knots; intricate plots
Prepare to shoot, as an arrow
De __ (from the start)
James Joyce's wife
1945 Noel Coward song
__ Sheehan, Pulitzer-winning writer on Vietnam
Remote telecast
Short textile fibers; wool knot
Dorothy L. Sayers mystery 'The __ Tailors'
Director of the musicals 'Cats' and 'Les Miserables', Trevor __
Dudley Do-Right's love
Italian tenor Martini
Serbian city: Var.
French for north
Okinawan port
Little __, Dickens girl ('The Old Curiosity Shop')
The __, Thames estuary sandbank
Lincoln Peirce comic strip 'Big __'

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