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Swan's partner in myth
Boston suburb
German filmmaker Riefenstahl ('Triumph of the Will')
Novelist Anita (Lorelei Lee creator, 'A Girl Like I' 'Gentlmen Prefer Blondes')
Dolly of 'Hello Dolly!'
__ the Hyena (cartoon character)
Famed limerick writer Edward ('The Owl and the Pussycat')
MGM co-founder Marcus
Actor Mark __-Baker ('Perfect Strangers')
'__ - humanite' (literally, 'injured')
Roman goddess of the moon
Terhune's book '___ Dog'
'South Pacific' girl
'60 Minutes' correspondent Logan
Novelist Gould ('Such Good Friends' 'Final Analysis')
Wife of Jacob - sister of Rachel - mother of Judah
Actress Albright of TV's 'Peter Gunn'
Senator from Alaska, Murkowski
1814 Lord Byron poem
Dancer Montez who was King Ludwig I's mistress ('The Art of Beauty')
Son of Leah and Jacob in Bible
Reader's Digest co-founder, __ Wallace
German for air
Grammy-winning film composer Schifrin
Legal scholar Guinier
Willingly; gladly
Roman historian
Italian site of a Napoleon 1796 victory
__ Linda, California
Doc's wife in William Inge's 'Come Back, Little Sheba'
Dissolve, as cells
Australasian parrot
Superman's mother
German or Dutch for song
Norwegian 1968 Chemistry Nobelist, Onsager
'70's TV husband of Phyllis
Obama's Secretary of Defense - former C.I.A. director Panetta
Leopold and __ (1920's murder case - Richard Darrow defended them)
Politico and author Clare Boothe __
Italian actress Virna
Ukrainian city
'Granada' songwriter Agustin __
Tribe of Israel
Russian-American actress Wood ('Peyton Place' 'Diamonds Are Forever')
Italy's __ di Como
Ohio city
Newbery-winning children's author Lowry
Burlesque stripper of '40's-'50's, __ St. Cyr
River in Siberia
Opera by Alban Berg
Spanish composer Edouard
Poland's second largest city
Mother of Apollo & Artemis - daughter of Phoebe
Mrs. Rabin of Israel
Venetian beach
Director Adrian ('Fatal Attraction' 'Unfaithful')
Glassmaker's oven
Bergman's surname in 'Casablanca'
Mother of Helen of Troy - Castor and Pollux
Superboy's girlfriend '__ Lang'
Old type-setting machine, briefly
'Time' co-founder Henry
Kind of moth
Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer's 'Woman With a __'
Financial writer Marshall __
Old Apple computer
Theater actor Teeter
Country singer McCann
Italian film director Wertmuller ('Seven Beauties')
European romantic song
Italian author Primo __ ('If This Is a Man' 'The Drowned and the Saved')
Unaspirated consonant
Cobbler's block; shoe filler
'__ Marlene' (WWII song)
E.S. __, old game company (Yahtzee)
Swedish diva Jenny
French for milk
Chinese dynasty of 1,000 years ago
Czech composer Janacek
Austrian-born film director Fritz ('Metropolis' 'M')
Somerset Maugham's '__ of Lambeth'
Italian writer Carlo ('Christ Stopped at Eboli')
Where Samson defeated the Philistines
Nicaragua's second largest city
1960's Israeli Prime Minister, __ Eshkol
Waterfall, in Scotland
T'ang Dynasty poet
Pioneering Soviet spacecraft series
Early film star __ Lee (Valentino co-star in 'Blood and Sand')
French novelist Pierre
Oscar-winning Russian actress Kedrova ('Zorba the Greek')
Spanish or Italian for lake
Wine sediment - dregs
Give a thumbs-up on Facebook
Irish author O'Flaherty ('The Informer')
__ Hayes of 'The Mod Squad'
Russian car make
1890's Vice President __ P. Morton
Old Spanish kingdom
Sally __ (teacake)
Floor covering, to a Brit
Former Irish Prime Minister Cosgrove
Angle iron; beam with a bend
1953 Leslie Caron musical
Broad-topped hill, in the southwest
Edmund Cartwright's power invention, 1785
__ Johnston, former fiance of Bristol Palin
Broadway's __-Fontanne Theater
Historic Swedish city
__ Park, old Coney Island attraction
Old __, Connecticut

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