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__ of Court (British bar group)
Footnote word - 'the same' (Lat.)
Russian composer Stravinsky
Latin for that or he
Former capital of Romania
Austrian-born photographer __ Morath
Langston Hughes poem
Camera diaphragm
Munich's river
Pianist __ von Alpenheim
River in Rennes and Brittany, France
'The Last Days of Pompeii' girl
Hip bones
Waitress in comic strip 'Garfield'
Paris suburb
__ de Castro (storied noblewoman of 1300's)
Russian log house
Duke Ellington's '__ a Song Go Out of My Heart'
Tennessee's state flower; 'bearded' flower
__-Tass (Russian news agency)
4, on a sundial
__ Margarita, __ Mujeres (islands in the Caribbean Sea)
Former Congolese prime minister Joseph
Don Juan's mother
Old-time actress Chase ('Now, Voyager')
The Gloomy Dean (author and priest William __)
One of the Nereids in Greek myth
'Joy of Cooking' author Rombauer
German for her or their
Romeo's last words
Chichen __ (Mayan ruins)
Former Wall Street insider Boesky
__ jure (by law)
Russian novelist Turgenev ('Fathers and Sons')
Band of Zulu warriors
Charles Ludlam play 'The Mystery of __ Vep'
Russian aviation pioneer Sikorsky (inventor of the helicopter)
Welsh composer, singer, actor Novello
Currier's partner in lithography
Former Spanish province in Morocco; Sidi __, Morocco
Winnie __ Pu (Latin translation of 'Winnie the Pooh')
Princess loved by Hercules
Prince in an L. Frank Baum 'Oz' book
John Ciardi's '__ a Man'
2002 literature Nobelist Kertesz (Holocaust survivor)
St. __ (English seaside resort)
Hawaiian honeycreeper
Footnote abbr. (in the same place: Lat.)
'The king', in Italian; '__ Pastore' (Mozart opera)
'My Friend __', TV-radio show starring Marie Wilson
Attendant on Cleopatra, in Shakespeare
Shirt company - merged with Lacoste
Jazz singer Anderson (sang with Duke Ellington)
Soviet writer Ehrenburg ('The Thaw' 'People, Years, Life')
Russian-born contralto Petina
Composer Alexander Borodin's 'Prince __'
Television actor Dixon ('Hogan's Heroes')
Library ID
'Mockingbird' singer Foxx with brother Charlie
1951 Tony Martin song '__ Ideas'
Italian for yesterday
Stephen Foster minstrel song 'Massa's __ Cold Ground'
One of the Brothers Karamazov (Dostoyevsky)
__ Drago, 'Rocky IV' villain
Elbe tributary
17th-Century Mexican poet Juana __ de la Cruz
Russian figure skater Kulik
Andre Gide memoir '__ Die'
Singer __ Thomas, the Soul Queen of New Orleans
Lake in Lombardy, Italy
Russian choreographer Moiseyev
New Rochelle, New York college
Tolstoy's 'The Death of __ Ilych'
Anatomical passage
Hungarian patriot Nagy
__ dixit (he himself said it - legal phrase)
Mrs. Victor Laszlo in 'Casablanca'
Disney executive Robert
Of wrath, in a Latin hymn
Mother of Romulus and Remus
French noun suffix
'__ la Douce' (Billy Wilder comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine); French musical
Esquire in 'Henry VI, Part II'
Japanese golfer __ Aoki
Early film director Thomas H __ ('Civilization')
The I in I.M. Pei
Small Japanese box worn on an obi
Inner Hebrides island
Greek argonaut who slew Castor
Tony-winning actress Judith ('Hurlyburly')
Hebrew month after Nisan
South African iris
Kansas town
Son of Bani, in the Bible
'__ Angel', Mae West film
Swedish entrepreneur Kreuger, the Match King
British novelist Murdoch ('Under the Net' 'The Unicorn' 'The Black Prince')
Rudolf Noreyev documentary '__ a Dancer'
American composer Charles ('Concord Sonata')
Intestinal parts
Res __ loquitur (the thing speaks for itself)

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