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Russian log house
Andre Gide memoir '__ Die'
4, on a sundial
Former Spanish province in Morocco; Sidi __, Morocco
Singer __ Thomas, the Soul Queen of New Orleans
Kansas town
Elbe tributary
Hip bones
Romeo's last words
American composer Charles ('Concord Sonata')
2002 literature Nobelist Kertesz (Holocaust survivor)
Langston Hughes poem
Russian figure skater Kulik
'The king', in Italian; '__ Pastore' (Mozart opera)
__ Drago, 'Rocky IV' villain
Attendant on Cleopatra, in Shakespeare
__ de Castro (storied noblewoman of 1300's)
Chichen __ (Mayan ruins)
Camera diaphragm
John Ciardi's '__ a Man'
British novelist Murdoch ('Under the Net' 'The Unicorn' 'The Black Prince')
Hawaiian honeycreeper
German for her or their
Austrian-born photographer __ Morath
__ jure (by law)
Shirt company - merged with Lacoste
Tolstoy's 'The Death of __ Ilych'
New Rochelle, New York college
The Gloomy Dean (author and priest William __)
Tony-winning actress Judith ('Hurlyburly')
Latin for that or he
South African iris
Welsh composer, singer, actor Novello
Waitress in comic strip 'Garfield'
Prince in an L. Frank Baum 'Oz' book
Charles Ludlam play 'The Mystery of __ Vep'
'__ Angel', Mae West film
Footnote word - 'the same' (Lat.)
Russian composer Stravinsky
Composer Alexander Borodin's 'Prince __'
Russian choreographer Moiseyev
Italian for yesterday
Lake in Lombardy, Italy
Former Wall Street insider Boesky
Greek argonaut who slew Castor
Son of Bani, in the Bible
Anatomical passage
Russian novelist Turgenev ('Fathers and Sons')
Early film director Thomas H __ ('Civilization')
Tennessee's state flower; 'bearded' flower
Footnote abbr. (in the same place: Lat.)
Res __ loquitur (the thing speaks for itself)
Stephen Foster minstrel song 'Massa's __ Cold Ground'
Band of Zulu warriors
Library ID
'Joy of Cooking' author Rombauer
Currier's partner in lithography
Esquire in 'Henry VI, Part II'
'The Last Days of Pompeii' girl
St. __ (English seaside resort)
1951 Tony Martin song '__ Ideas'
'__ la Douce' (Billy Wilder comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine); French musical
River in Rennes and Brittany, France
One of the Nereids in Greek myth
Inner Hebrides island
The I in I.M. Pei
__ Margarita, __ Mujeres (islands in the Caribbean Sea)
Don Juan's mother
Swedish entrepreneur Kreuger, the Match King
Russian-born contralto Petina
Winnie __ Pu (Latin translation of 'Winnie the Pooh')
17th-Century Mexican poet Juana __ de la Cruz
Hebrew month after Nisan
Russian aviation pioneer Sikorsky (inventor of the helicopter)
__ of Court (British bar group)
Pianist __ von Alpenheim
__ dixit (he himself said it - legal phrase)
One of the Brothers Karamazov (Dostoyevsky)
Small Japanese box worn on an obi
'Mockingbird' singer Foxx with brother Charlie
Television actor Dixon ('Hogan's Heroes')
Old-time actress Chase ('Now, Voyager')
__-Tass (Russian news agency)
'My Friend __', TV-radio show starring Marie Wilson
Of wrath, in a Latin hymn
Mrs. Victor Laszlo in 'Casablanca'
Disney executive Robert
Princess loved by Hercules
Japanese golfer __ Aoki
Munich's river
Jazz singer Anderson (sang with Duke Ellington)
Duke Ellington's '__ a Song Go Out of My Heart'
Soviet writer Ehrenburg ('The Thaw' 'People, Years, Life')
Former Congolese prime minister Joseph
Former capital of Romania
Mother of Romulus and Remus
Hungarian patriot Nagy
Paris suburb
Intestinal parts
French noun suffix
Rudolf Noreyev documentary '__ a Dancer'

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