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Hue; tinge
Chinese dynasty of Confucius and Lao-tzu
British distance runner Steve
Yarborough of NASCAR
Corn bin
Mackerel-like fish; large Atlantic game fish
Cartoonist Addams (creator of 'The Addams Family')
Women's rights pioneer Elizabeth __ Stanton
Bygone N.Y.C. rock club
Actress Williams ('The Defiant Ones')
Coconut fiber
Cosby's 'I Spy' co-star
Smear with wax, old-style
San Francisco's __ Tower
Membrane of a bird's beak
Water-to-wine site in Bible
Ecclesiastical mantle
Baker v. __ (landmark Supreme Court voting rights case)
__ d'Azur (French Riviera)
N.Y.C. sch.
French chef's mushroom
Popular online tech. news source
Direct a vessel's navigation
British tax
Central Africa's Lake __
Muslim judge
1950's Dodgers pitcher Labine
Word in French restaurant names; at the home of (Fr)
Philippine island
1963 role for Liz
Wavy molding
Fix seams
Arabian mountain gazelle
Suffragist Carrie Chapman __
House cleaner, in England
NBC newsman Huntley ('50's - '60's)
French for sky, heaven
Politician Lewis __, Buchanan's Secretary of State and losing presidential candidate
Canadian actor Michael ('Arrested Development' 'Superbad' 'Juno')
1987 Wimbledon winner Pat (Australian)
Woman's cap made of net
McCarthy-era attorney Roy; Al Pacino played him in 'Angels in America'
Civil rights org.
Parish priest, English or French
'__ nome', Verdi aria from Rigoletto
Goldfish in 'Pinocchio'
Author Robert ('The Power Broker', LBJ chronicler)
Bludgeon or blackjack, in Britain
Journalist/author Irvin S. __
Lit-__ (college course, slangily)
Red Skelton's Mr. Kadiddlehopper
1977 Robin Cook best seller
Author James ('Double Indemnity' 'The Postman Always Rings Twice')
Ball of yarn
Dick Francis mystery 'Dead __'
Woman's workbasket
Red-bellied trout
Egyptian Christian
Pulitzer-winning columnist from San Francisco, Herb
'The Last of the Mohicans' girl
Inspector Clouseau's servant
Sinclair Lewis novel '__ Timberlane'
1950's French president Rene
Swiss psychotherapist Jung
Vint __, Father of the Internet
Round dance official
Small ice mass
Roman supper; 'The Last Supper' depiction
Italian 'dear' (2 answers)
Spanish 1989 Literature Nobelist, Camilo Jose __ ('The Hive')
Detroit's __ Center (former home of Pistons)
Part of leg between the ankle and thigh; shin
Elaine __, George W. Bush's labor secretary
Emmy-winning character actor James
Rabbit fur
Actress and game show panelist Peggy ('To Tell the Truth' 'Auntie Mame')
French for five
Bullfighter's cloak
Baby llama, alpaca etc.
Horseshoe part; projection on a shoe to prevent slipping
Wax-glazed fabric
Novelist Caleb ('The Alienist')
Gospel singer Winans
Scotland Yard discovery
Luck, in Ireland
Overlay with wood or plaster
'Betty __' (1930 Rudy Vallee hit)
Thus, in Italian
Columbia Pictures co-founder Harry
Plant shoot: var.
Flower cluster; inflorescence
Mineral residue
Old-time actress Witherspoon ('The Bank Dick')
Great Lakes fish
Point on a crescent moon
Mrs. Dithers in comic strip 'Blondie'
Italian 'dear' (2 answers)
Hip joint
Chinese premier 1949-1976, __ En-lai
Perfume brand
Jazz trumpeter Baker
'__ la guerre!' ('That's war')
Lyricist Sammy ('High Hopes' etc)
Minty Mexican plant
Supercomputer maker Seymour
Normandy city
Jazz singer Laine
Hundred, in Spain
Zodiacal border
Legal writ, for short
Fashion's Chanel - Chanel fragrance
Aquatic bird
Small salmon
Big band saxophonist Al
Base of crocus stem - crocus bulb
Govt. program for the unemployed
Lake in Lombardy, Italy
Group of badgers
World's largest particle physics lab (in Geneva)
Muse of history
Pitch-raising guitar device
South American guinea pig
Tooth prominence
Yellow-breasted songbird
Mr. Miniver in 'Mrs. Miniver'
Mystery writer John Dickson __ ('The Hollow Man')
'Good night, __' (old TV sign-off)

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