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Mr. Miniver in 'Mrs. Miniver'
Big band saxophonist Al
Bygone N.Y.C. rock club
Ball of yarn
Civil rights org.
Jazz trumpeter Baker
Italian 'dear' (2 answers)
Ecclesiastical mantle
Baby llama, alpaca etc.
Lit-__ (college course, slangily)
Politician Lewis __, Buchanan's Secretary of State and losing presidential candidate
Mineral residue
Actress Williams ('The Defiant Ones')
Mystery writer John Dickson __ ('The Hollow Man')
Cosby's 'I Spy' co-star
French chef's mushroom
Actress and game show panelist Peggy ('To Tell the Truth' 'Auntie Mame')
Gospel singer Winans
Yellow-breasted songbird
Direct a vessel's navigation
Inspector Clouseau's servant
Novelist Caleb ('The Alienist')
Overlay with wood or plaster
McCarthy-era attorney Roy; Al Pacino played him in 'Angels in America'
'The Last of the Mohicans' girl
Parish priest, English or French
Coconut fiber
British tax
Popular online tech. news source
Round dance official
Swiss psychotherapist Jung
1987 Wimbledon winner Pat (Australian)
Normandy city
Part of leg between the ankle and thigh; shin
Dick Francis mystery 'Dead __'
Sinclair Lewis novel '__ Timberlane'
Red-bellied trout
Point on a crescent moon
'__ nome', Verdi aria from Rigoletto
Author James ('Double Indemnity' 'The Postman Always Rings Twice')
Canadian actor Michael ('Arrested Development' 'Superbad' 'Juno')
Scotland Yard discovery
South American guinea pig
Small ice mass
Yarborough of NASCAR
Italian 'dear' (2 answers)
Tooth prominence
Corn bin
Goldfish in 'Pinocchio'
Wax-glazed fabric
Bludgeon or blackjack, in Britain
Rabbit fur
Hip joint
Jazz singer Laine
1963 role for Liz
Woman's cap made of net
Vint __, Father of the Internet
1950's French president Rene
'Betty __' (1930 Rudy Vallee hit)
Thus, in Italian
Women's rights pioneer Elizabeth __ Stanton
House cleaner, in England
Fix seams
Luck, in Ireland
Hundred, in Spain
Lyricist Sammy ('High Hopes' etc)
N.Y.C. sch.
Base of crocus stem - crocus bulb
Spanish 1989 Literature Nobelist, Camilo Jose __ ('The Hive')
Mrs. Dithers in comic strip 'Blondie'
Supercomputer maker Seymour
Detroit's __ Center (former home of Pistons)
Horseshoe part; projection on a shoe to prevent slipping
Egyptian Christian
San Francisco's __ Tower
World's largest particle physics lab (in Geneva)
Chinese premier 1949-1976, __ En-lai
Group of badgers
__ d'Azur (French Riviera)
Woman's workbasket
Journalist/author Irvin S. __
Pitch-raising guitar device
1977 Robin Cook best seller
Mackerel-like fish; large Atlantic game fish
Aquatic bird
Pulitzer-winning columnist from San Francisco, Herb
Great Lakes fish
Emmy-winning character actor James
French for five
Plant shoot: var.
Smear with wax, old-style
Red Skelton's Mr. Kadiddlehopper
Suffragist Carrie Chapman __
Baker v. __ (landmark Supreme Court voting rights case)
Water-to-wine site in Bible
Cartoonist Addams (creator of 'The Addams Family')
Arabian mountain gazelle
Chinese dynasty of Confucius and Lao-tzu
Author Robert ('The Power Broker', LBJ chronicler)
Elaine __, George W. Bush's labor secretary
'Good night, __' (old TV sign-off)
British distance runner Steve
Old-time actress Witherspoon ('The Bank Dick')
Muse of history
Muslim judge
Philippine island
1950's Dodgers pitcher Labine
Roman supper; 'The Last Supper' depiction
Hue; tinge
Wavy molding
Word in French restaurant names; at the home of (Fr)
Small salmon
Fashion's Chanel - Chanel fragrance
French for sky, heaven
Zodiacal border
Govt. program for the unemployed
'__ la guerre!' ('That's war')
Lake in Lombardy, Italy
Minty Mexican plant
Bullfighter's cloak
Columbia Pictures co-founder Harry
Legal writ, for short
Perfume brand
Membrane of a bird's beak
NBC newsman Huntley ('50's - '60's)
Flower cluster; inflorescence
Central Africa's Lake __

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