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__-Mokra ('Hiawatha' bear)
French for museum
A thousand, in France
The acid in apples
Legendary Washington hostess Perle
Purple shade
Cosmetician Norman
Jamaican-American novelist Claude ('Home to Harlem')
Dancer/actress Gaynor ('South Pacific')
Leon Uris's '__ Pass'
Photo finish - not shiny
Dog's skin problem
Raymond's mother on 'Everybody Loves Raymond'
Swimmer Debbie who won 3 gold medals at the 1968 Olympics
British author Peter ('A Year in Provence')
Paris daily newspaper 'Le __'
French director Louis ('My Dinner With Andre')
Israeli statesman Dayan of the Six-Day War
French painter Edouard ('Olympia')
'West Side Story' girl or song
Son of Japheth, grandson of Noah
Japanese comics style
New Zealand mystery writer Ngaio (Dame - Edgar winner)
Of the cheekbone
Island in the Taiwan Strait
American Modernist poet Marianne ('Collected Poems')
Julie Andrews role in 'The Sound of Music' (also a song)
English sculptor Henry
__ Bornes (French card game)
Author Stephenie who wrote the 'Twilight' novels
Getty Center architect Richard
Truman biographer Miller
British actress Oberon ('Wuthering Heights')
Jacques-Louis David painting, 'The Death of __'
Australian opera singer Dame Nellie
North Sea tributary; Verdun's river
One of the Gospels, in a Spanish bible
Western landscapist Thomas
A Gabor sister
Woman in Spain
Latin American writer __ Vargas Llosa
Cuban patriot and writer Jose
Song thrush
Beatrix Potter bunny
Kind of joint or box; oblique surface in carpentry; join, in woodworking
__ David (six-pointed star)
Job going nowhere, in modern slang
John Fowles novel 'The __'
James Thurber's fantasizer
Another name for a half note
Indian conductor Zubin (NY Philharmonic Orchestra)
Film mogul Louis B. __; the second 'M' of MGM
City in Argentina
Inspector in Colin Dexter's detective novels; partner with Lewis
Cuba's __ Castle
Parson's home
Wavelike design on garments (silk)
American soprano Nixon
Muslim messiah
Insulation material; solar sails material
Part of an atomic clock
Hot cereal name
Single-celled creature
Scottish ballerina Shearer
1957 hit for the Bobbettes
Broadway actor Robert ('Tru' 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying')
Land in 'Ezekiel'; Gog and __
First A.F.L.-C.I.O. president George
Greek god of ridicule
Sacred song
One-sixtieth of a fluid dram
English-born cabaret singer Mercer
Pulitzer-winning theater critic, __ Jefferson
Fictional planet in 'Flash Gordon'
Mikhail Baryshnikov, to friends
Horse blanket; Spanish shawl
Electromagnetic wave enhancer
Yemeni port famous for its coffee
__ Arens, former Israeli defense minister
Jules Massenet opera
American jazz singer Carmen
Actor Patrick, Tony recipient for 'Marat/Sade'
German conductor Kurt
St. __ River (Michigan-Ontario divider)
H.H. __ (Saki's real name)
'Little Women' surname
French for morning
Naval historian Alfred Thayer __
Tuesday, in France
One of the three original Muses - Muse of memory
French revolutionary Jean Paul; Corday's victim
Spanish actress Carmen __
Barack Obama's daughter
__ College near San Francisco
Old country-and-western star __ Travis ('Sixteen Tons' 'Dark as a Dungeon')
Mythical king of Greece
Madame Tussaud, founder of wax museum
Philippines' highest peak: Abbr.
German wine valley; Metz's river
Fictional sleuth Travis (created by John D MacDonald)
Words repeated after 'O Absalom' in the Bible
Poe's 'The Mystery of __ Roget'
Bishop's headdress (spelt differently in Britain)
Melancholy, in music
Peter Weiss drama '__/Sade'
Popular children's song 'Skip to __'
Child prodigy of 'Heroes'
19th-Century poet Clement Clarke __ ('A Visit from St. Nicholas')
Egyptian king credited with founding the First Dynasty
Marshal under Napoleon, Joachim __
Atlanta train and bus system
Silent movies actress Normand
Irish novelist Binchy ('Circle of Friends')
Ancient Athenian sculptor of athletes ('Discus Thrower')
__ President; __ Secretary (female titles)
Fate, in Greek myth
1920's Chicago gangster Bugs __
British mom
American actress and sex symbol Van Doren
One of Chekov's 'Three Sisters'
Thomas Malory's 'Le __ d'Arthur'
Tuscan city known for its marble quarries
Jason's wife, in Greek myth; Euripides tragedy
Person who performs bris in a Jewish rite
Tony-winner Moore (R&B singer)
Author-director Nicholas ('The Seven-Per-Cent Solution')
Heroine of William Inge's 'Picnic'
Pharmaceutical giant
Book before Nahum - after Jonah
Marilyn of the 5th Dimension, who hosted TV's 'Solid Gold'
Millionths of a meter
Canadian short story writer Alice ('Dance of the Happy Shades' 'Open Secrets')
'The Pirates of Penzance' heroine
PC shortcut
Very, in music
Red Bordeaux
Extremely, in 1970's slang
Gold-medalist skier Hermann (1998 Olympics)
Beethoven's '__ Solemnis'
El __ (Peruvian volcano)
Intermediate or intervening, in law
Frankie of 'Malcolm in the Middle'
Ancient Ethiopian capital
Photography lens
Civilian clothes
San Rafael, California's county
__ Lacs, Minn.
Rapid, in music
French impressionist Claude ('Waterlilies' 'Haystacks')

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