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Hot cereal name
Peter Weiss drama '__/Sade'
English sculptor Henry
Getty Center architect Richard
The acid in apples
Pulitzer-winning theater critic, __ Jefferson
St. __ River (Michigan-Ontario divider)
American jazz singer Carmen
Poe's 'The Mystery of __ Roget'
1920's Chicago gangster Bugs __
__ College near San Francisco
John Fowles novel 'The __'
__ Lacs, Minn.
First A.F.L.-C.I.O. president George
New Zealand mystery writer Ngaio (Dame - Edgar winner)
Wavelike design on garments (silk)
Part of an atomic clock
Author Stephenie who wrote the 'Twilight' novels
Bishop's headdress (spelt differently in Britain)
Horse blanket; Spanish shawl
Tuesday, in France
Spanish actress Carmen __
Heroine of William Inge's 'Picnic'
Actor Patrick, Tony recipient for 'Marat/Sade'
Mikhail Baryshnikov, to friends
Broadway actor Robert ('Tru' 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying')
One-sixtieth of a fluid dram
Song thrush
__ Arens, former Israeli defense minister
Intermediate or intervening, in law
Woman in Spain
Raymond's mother on 'Everybody Loves Raymond'
French impressionist Claude ('Waterlilies' 'Haystacks')
Truman biographer Miller
German wine valley; Metz's river
Ancient Ethiopian capital
Rapid, in music
Yemeni port famous for its coffee
Another name for a half note
Jason's wife, in Greek myth; Euripides tragedy
Person who performs bris in a Jewish rite
Popular children's song 'Skip to __'
Inspector in Colin Dexter's detective novels; partner with Lewis
'West Side Story' girl or song
H.H. __ (Saki's real name)
Egyptian king credited with founding the First Dynasty
One of the Gospels, in a Spanish bible
German conductor Kurt
French revolutionary Jean Paul; Corday's victim
Millionths of a meter
French director Louis ('My Dinner With Andre')
American soprano Nixon
__ Bornes (French card game)
Red Bordeaux
Cuban patriot and writer Jose
Pharmaceutical giant
Cuba's __ Castle
Japanese comics style
Israeli statesman Dayan of the Six-Day War
Beethoven's '__ Solemnis'
__-Mokra ('Hiawatha' bear)
Melancholy, in music
Of the cheekbone
Beatrix Potter bunny
A thousand, in France
Jamaican-American novelist Claude ('Home to Harlem')
Silent movies actress Normand
British mom
Swimmer Debbie who won 3 gold medals at the 1968 Olympics
Island in the Taiwan Strait
Marshal under Napoleon, Joachim __
Fate, in Greek myth
19th-Century poet Clement Clarke __ ('A Visit from St. Nicholas')
One of Chekov's 'Three Sisters'
North Sea tributary; Verdun's river
Julie Andrews role in 'The Sound of Music' (also a song)
Son of Japheth, grandson of Noah
Latin American writer __ Vargas Llosa
Dog's skin problem
Kind of joint or box; oblique surface in carpentry; join, in woodworking
Civilian clothes
Sacred song
Indian conductor Zubin (NY Philharmonic Orchestra)
Electromagnetic wave enhancer
Very, in music
PC shortcut
Cosmetician Norman
One of the three original Muses - Muse of memory
Legendary Washington hostess Perle
Thomas Malory's 'Le __ d'Arthur'
Single-celled creature
Ancient Athenian sculptor of athletes ('Discus Thrower')
Purple shade
Words repeated after 'O Absalom' in the Bible
French for museum
Marilyn of the 5th Dimension, who hosted TV's 'Solid Gold'
Tuscan city known for its marble quarries
Atlanta train and bus system
'Little Women' surname
American Modernist poet Marianne ('Collected Poems')
Leon Uris's '__ Pass'
City in Argentina
Australian opera singer Dame Nellie
A Gabor sister
Jacques-Louis David painting, 'The Death of __'
Photography lens
Author-director Nicholas ('The Seven-Per-Cent Solution')
Greek god of ridicule
1957 hit for the Bobbettes
__ David (six-pointed star)
Tony-winner Moore (R&B singer)
British author Peter ('A Year in Provence')
French painter Edouard ('Olympia')
Fictional sleuth Travis (created by John D MacDonald)
Scottish ballerina Shearer
Insulation material; solar sails material
Parson's home
San Rafael, California's county
Film mogul Louis B. __; the second 'M' of MGM
Muslim messiah
Barack Obama's daughter
__ President; __ Secretary (female titles)
Paris daily newspaper 'Le __'
El __ (Peruvian volcano)
Book before Nahum - after Jonah
Naval historian Alfred Thayer __
Extremely, in 1970's slang
American actress and sex symbol Van Doren
Jules Massenet opera
Job going nowhere, in modern slang
Madame Tussaud, founder of wax museum
James Thurber's fantasizer
Dancer/actress Gaynor ('South Pacific')
Old country-and-western star __ Travis ('Sixteen Tons' 'Dark as a Dungeon')
Irish novelist Binchy ('Circle of Friends')
Mythical king of Greece
'The Pirates of Penzance' heroine
British actress Oberon ('Wuthering Heights')
Western landscapist Thomas
Child prodigy of 'Heroes'
Land in 'Ezekiel'; Gog and __
Canadian short story writer Alice ('Dance of the Happy Shades' 'Open Secrets')
Gold-medalist skier Hermann (1998 Olympics)
Frankie of 'Malcolm in the Middle'
French for morning
Photo finish - not shiny
Fictional planet in 'Flash Gordon'
English-born cabaret singer Mercer
Philippines' highest peak: Abbr.

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