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Hopalong Cassidy portrayer William
Emile Zola's 'La __ humaine'
One of Alcott's 'Little Women'
Nickname of Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu
Early film actress Daniels ('42nd Street')
'tres __!' (very well in France)
Twining stem
Young herring
Round Table knight
French for forest
Teacher's deg.
Jane Fonda's Oscar-winning role in 'Klute'
German for blue
Theatrical hit, in theater slang
Panama's San __ Islands (also a gulf)
'The Belle et la __' (Cocteau film)
Cow shed, in England
__ Bones, Ichabod Crane's rival
BBC nickname, with 'the'
Engage in logrolling
Latin for well
Cordon __ (top chef)
Marcia on 'Desperate Housewives'
French for bath
Capital of Moravia
Ancient Irish king Brian __
Sheep sound
Mooring post on a ship
Matted cotton sheet
Group of quail
Fruit decay
TV's Maverick
Group of turtles
Air bubble/blister
Former British airline
Whirring sound
Marshal Tito's real name, Josip __
Hungarian composer Bartok
Austrian composer Alban ('Lulu' 'Wozzeck')
Speak raucously
Low in Spanish
Jewish rite
Lesage's picaresque novel 'Gil __'
Rudolf who once managed the Met
Ragged edge, in metalworking; power-driven shop tool
__ ghanouj (Arab dish with eggplant)
Knot in wood or cloth
New York's Aqueduct Racetrack, familiarly
Thai currency
Big name in audio equipment
Letter after aleph in Israel
Woman who maintains a brothel
'Less Than Zero' author, __ Easton Ellis
Part of a basilica; synagogue platform; speaker's platform
Romanian gymnastics coach Karolyi
Neo-soul singer Erykah __ ('On & On' 'Love of My Life')
Husband of Ruth, in the Bible
'Diff'rent Strokes' father Conrad
Scottish hillside
Hindu title of respect; Hindu gentleman
Soft reddish clay
Town north of Anaheim, California
Actress Barbara of 'Mission: Impossible'
Sons of, in Hebrew
Uncle Remus title
Saint/writer known as 'The Venerable'
'__ de Boulogne' (Parisian park)
Malt liquor yeast
Road shoulder
Spanish soprano Lucrezia __
Australian actor Eric ('Hulk' 'Munich' 'Star Trek' 'Troy')
Gore Vidal historical novel
German for road
Judge's seat, in law
Shade of blue or green
Belgian composer Jacques
Spanish bath
San Francisco train system
Cold Alpine wind
Indiana senator Evan
French for arm
Gaucho's weapon
Nota __ (note well)
Lad, in Australia and Ireland
Kettle or bucket handle
Very dry, as champagne
Russian pancake
Brother of Bret on 'Maverick'
Bad golf shot
'__ Ha'i', tune from Rodgers and Hammerstein's 'South Pacific'
Italian port on the Adriatic Sea
'Mad' magazine cartoonist Dave
'a __ on one's escutcheon'
Low-quality diamond
Lettuce variety
__ Wheeler & Robert Woolsey ('30's comedy team)
Chaucer's 'The Wife of __'
Force; energy
George H Bush's Attorney General, William
Cold Adriatic wind

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