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Can you name the Powers from the show Heroes?

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CharacterAbilityType of Ability
Mohinder Suresh Synthetic
D.L. HawkinsGenetic
Claude Rains and Rebecca TaylorGenetic
Jesse MurphyGenetic
Maya HerreraGenetic
James Walker and Tracy StraussGenetic and Synthetic
Peter PetrelliSynthetic
The HaitianLegacy
Peter PetrelliFuture
The GermanGenetic
Stephen CanfieldGenetic
Candice WillmerGenetic
James MartinGenetic
Alex WoolslyGenetic
Arthur PetrelliGenetic
Nathan Petrelli and West RosenSynthetic and Genetic
Matt Parkman, Maury Parkman and Charles DeveauxLegacy
Isaac Mendez Genetic
Eric DoyleGenetic
Dale Smither Genetic
Daphne MillbrookGenetic
Daniel LindermanGenetic
Molly WalkerLegacy
Meredith Gordon and Flint Gordon, Jr. Genetic
Tracy Strauss and ElisaGenetic
Micah SandersLegacy
Theodore SpragueGenetic
Brian Davis Genetic
Sanjog IyerGenetic
Zane TaylorGenetic
CharacterAbilityType of Ability
Hiro Nakamura and ArnoldLegacy
Emma CoolidgeGenetic
Angela PetrelliGenetic
Alejandro HerreraGenetic
Hana GitelmanGenetic
Claire Bennet and Adam Monroe Legacy
Therese BryneGenetic
Ando MasahashiSynthetic
Niki Sanders, Knox and ScottSynthetic/indirect
Matt Parkman Jr.Legacy
Samuel SullivanGenetic
Bob BishopGenetic
Alice ShawGenetic
Eden McCainGenetic
Bridget BaileyGenetic
Elle Bishop, Future Agent and CooperLegacy
Sue LandersGenetic
Monica DawsonLegacy
Peter PetrelliLegacy
Trevor ZeitlanGenetic
Camise ComeyGenetic
Mr. ShawGenetic
Sylar, Samson GrayLegacy
Charlie AndrewsGenetic
Danny PineGenetic
Luke CampbellGenetic
Tom Miller Genetic
Baron SamediGenetic

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