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Description of opening screenGame titleCharacter's name begins with
You are flying through the air. Pillars are on your left and your right. There are three friendly fighter planes flying beside you. Mountains are in the background. (SNES, 1993)F
You are standing on a small island. Two gift-wrapped boxes are on your left and right. Just off screen is an elevator waiting to take you... up. (Sega Genesis, 1991)E or T
You are standing in a heavily-wooded area. In front of you is your mentor, Rusl. Behind you is a sign post and a ladder leading up to your house in the trees. (Wii, 2006)L (by default)
You watch as a green truck slowly pulls away into a tunnel that is built into a rock face. Your hand is visible holding your trademark Walther PP pistol. (Nintendo64, 1997)J
You are standing on a brick walkway in front of a blue sky. There is a green hill behind you and a bush in the distance. There is a single cloud in the sky. (NES, 1985)M
Description of opening screenGame titleCharacter's name begins with
You are in a room with a brick floor filled with rocks and bushes. There are two hearts, a treasure chest, and a smiling green reptile. (NES, 1989)L
If you are playing as a human character, you start in a thickly-wooded area. Straight ahead is a red covered wagon and a knight with a punctuation mark above his head. (PC, 2004)n/a
You are in a dimly-lit prison cell with flies buzzing around you. Two barred windows are in front of you. Behind you (not on screen) is a dirty-looking toilet. (X-Box, 2006)M
You are in the jungle. There is a cave behind you and three spinning bananas in front of you. (SNES, 1994)D
You are standing on grass in front of four palm trees and two spinning sunflowers. A waterfall is in the background flowing into a shimmering blue lake. (Sega Genesis, 1991)S

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